Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Indie Block Party Post 3: Interview one of your characters

For the next two weeks, I'm participating to the Indie Block Party. Indie authors have gathered to talk about... Indie author stuff, like writing and stories and trying not to bored the readers, you should check them out HERE it might be fun.

Today I'm supposed to interview a character. As Kamaril has been the most annoying one lately I'm going to try to interview him. Kamaril is a demon and secondary character in "Demon World", a finished first draft not yet edited.

Kamaril: Secondary, you bet, if it wasn't for me it would all end with a stupid little love story, you know the kind: the girl get kidnapped and the guy come rescue her, pathetic. If it wasn't for me there wouldn't be a sequel brewing, right here, right now for that book and there wouldn't be any idea in the bad guys' minds they would just be kidnapping people randomly... pathetic...

Me: hum, you see what I meant by annoying...hum... hum... so let's get going with the interview's question, shall we?

Kamaril cross arms on his chest: if you want.

Me: What was your life like growing up? What is your family like?

Kamaril: I was alone, the usual deal. Father, too busy working to notice that I existed. Mother, too busy with other guys to cook me breakfast. Not that I mind, she would bring me nice stuff so that I keep my mouth shut. That was the good time really, before they figured out my dad was a Nephil. He was at a meeting in an hotel for work, you know the kind, well my mum was at the same hotel having fun. Her new guy ended up a bit... wet... that runs in the family... *grins* But that was shitty, so I ended up at the sanctuary. Goodbye nice demon life, welcome to the new Nephil guru crap. Damn they thought they were going to teach me something there. 

Me: Who are your closest friends?

Kamaril: I don't have any friend. I don't need any friends. You mean I should make friend with the other Nephilim, with Azazel and his crew? Damn that guy! He is hanging out with a Watcher all the freaking time thinking he is a big shot because he has Evalynn hanging at him like a jellyfish. Seriously, what the hell would I need friends for? Beside, people are made to help you reach your purposes. I'm not telling that you need them to help you but people are usable, you can step on them to reach a higher place, you know what I mean. And I know exactly who I'll step on next.

Me: Who?

Kamaril grins: If I tell you that's not going to help me, is it?

Me: I'm the one asking the questions, here. Who do you love?

Kamaril: Love! Damn you're so funny! Is that really all you think about? I don't need love, never had any, never going to get any. Have you seen Azazel and Evalynn? Doesn't it make you wanna vomit? *mimicking Evalynn's voice* Where is Az? We have a problem, someone broke a nail and... *mimicking Azazel* I'm here babe, let's go. *he rolls his eyes* Seriously, that the way they escape classes to hide in the closet. He is lucky I'm not anywhere near to see what they are doing 'cause I would show him how to give a girl a good time. I might try it in the middle of the class, I mean no need to hide in a closet for that, but I won't go back to the sanctuary anyway, the place is kinda destroyed now, just the way it should be, there are still good things about the Hunters. *grins.*

Me: As you don't seem to be too kind on people, let's change topic a bit. What are your 3 most prized possessions?

Kamaril: I just hate people in general, they don't know anything about life, that's all, nothing else to say. But Azazel is really dear to my heart. *he puts his hand on his heart with a bad smile.* Three things I value.... hum, I can't really think about that now. I feel that there was something I used to have long time ago but really I can't figure out what that is. I think it has to do with the god awakening. I might not be totally awake though. *laughs* Three things I values? I'm on the run, I'm not going back to the sanctuary, so I don't have anything much really, I would say my wings and my new powers *grins making some water flow out of his hands.*

Me: What is your first memory?

Kamaril: I remember blood. That was at the time when my mum was still bringing her guys back home. It was messy at that time. I think she liked the fact that my father could get back home and discover her anytime. She locked me in the closet, I was small at that time. Well, I couldn't see a damn thing but I could hear them a lot. Evalynn is a lot quieter with Azazel, that guy can't do anything properly. Well, it ended up that my mum opened the door suddenly and told me to run. They were playing with knife, I'm not kidding, there were two guys lying in the bed, they looked dead and they both had knifes in their hands. I stand there looking. My mum kisses me and laughs, she put money in my hand and tell me to run to the store to get some water. I mean they needed a lot more than water to clean the mess. "I'll give you whatever you want but just go get water now" my mum said. She was a nut case really. When I came back the place was clean. I don't know how they did it. The guys didn't seem too happy to see me though.

Me: Hum, let's stop talking about family. What about you is heroic?

Kamaril: I'm a fucking god. Isn't it all there is?

Me: I mean what did you ever do that that makes you a hero, a person who save others and can be looked up to?

Kamaril: I stopped Azazel's little friends from roasting us like chickens. I'm not a good guy and I don't pretend to be. But once I'm done with them, the world is surely going to look up and all they'll see is me. 

Me: Thank you for taking the time to answer those questions.

Kamaril: Stop doing stupid blog hop and writing about vampires, really it's starting to get on my nerves. Anyway, you know where to find me once you decide to get serious.

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  1. I think Kamaril needs a hug. Haha. Interesting character.

  2. Great interview!! I got a few good chuckles out of it...just don't tell Kamaril that. Please!!

  3. He's a little turkey! Telling you to get serious...silly character, doesn't he know blog hops are part of the writing process?

  4. That was great! I can't read to read the whole story. Kamaril's voice cracks me up.