Monday, August 19, 2013

Indie Block Party Post 1: Introduce Yourself

Today and for seven more blog posts over the next two weeks, I'm participating to the Indie Block Party. Indie authors have gathered to talk about... Indie author stuff, like writing and stories and trying not to bored the readers, you should check them out HERE it might be fun. 

For this first post I'm supposed to tell everyone why I'm so awesome, it's called Introduce yourself and it has to do about me as a writer which is really fortunate because I don't really like introducing myself. Generally I'll just go: "I'm Linda and that's all you need to know." Though recently I do it especially on purpose to annoy a friend asking me to introduce myself almost every time we met. (Yes, he is that bothering.)

I started to write when I was 3 years old, maybe before, I'm not sure. my mother taught me how to write my name so at my first day at school when the teacher asked me to come to her desk so that I could hand her my drawing for her to write my name on it, I told her not to bother because I could do it myself. I guess that kind of started my reputation. Of course I still needed to learn how to write few more words to be able to write stories but that only came few years later. 

So you could say I have been writing for quite a long time. First I was writing in French and few years ago I switched to English. I don't think I did it on purpose though it's just my brain doing things like that. There is a story I'm kinda working on at the moment that refused to be written in anything else than Japanese and I can't even write properly in Japanese. It's here if you want to check it out. (There is a picture ;) )

One think about my writing is that I don't have a favorite genre to write in, I think I'm doing mixed genre which is generally confusing for every one around but really fun to write. You would think it's romance reading the prologue and then it turns out that the girl never see the boy again... kinda... Another particularity about my writing is that I like my character to be self standing even when having some romance and if they got sick for being away from each other. Therefor I create side stories to show there life outside of the main action or relationship using secondary characters just like you would have waiters or bystanders in a movie. 

This blog is working in the same way. It is not about writing only, it is also about travel, knitting, cooking and so much more, just like writing itself is not only about grammar or knowing how to hold a pen but also about inspiration and creativity.

When I'm not writing? I'm a physicist of course. ;)

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  1. Hi Linda! It is nice to meet you! :) Welcome to the indie block party. That's so neat that you are writing a story in Japanese and that you are a physicist! Wow! Talk about multi-talented! :)

  2. Hi Linda! It is nice to meet you! Welcome to the party! That is amazing you are writing a story in Japanese and you are a physicist! Impressive! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Hello Linda, hopin' on over for a bit. That's interesting how you develop those interesting stories with your characters. Do they eventually make their way back to the narrative, or even take it over?

  4. Hiya Linda! You are a woman of many talents. I wish I could write a story in Japanese. I think it's a beautiful language. :)

  5. Nice to meet you Linda. Love to hear all your talents, besides writing! Can't wait to read more of your posts.

  6. Nice to meet you!