Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump Day Hook 5: Attic Mirror

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It's Wednesday Hump Day Hook again, I have been absent from the hook for two weeks but now I'm back. Find the other writers here.
If you miss my other hooks, there are here but don't worry, I'm posting them randomly so they seem unrelated.

Here is the very start of Attic Mirror. Today we are getting into the Timmy argument. Enjoy!

I really don’t understand what you find so great about Timmy”, Grenadine said adjusting the bag which was falling of her shoulder once more.
Hitomi looked at her, repressing a sigh, she was under the strong impression that Grenadine would never give up.
“Don’t give me that look, I know what I’m talking about”, Grenadine added as if she could read in her sister’s thoughts. The problem was that she couldn’t read others’ thoughts and that she was terrible at reading their feelings on their faces as well.
“I don’t find anything about Timmy. Are we going to have this conversation every time we walk back from school?” Hitomi asked trying not to sound as annoyed as she felt.
“I noticed how you look at him”, Grenadine said.
“Everybody looks at him, he is acting like a clown most of the time”, Hitomi said.
“Is it what you like? Because I find it rather childish”, Grenadine said.
This time Hitomi sighed and spoke very slowly as if she was trying to make each word rest deeply into Grenadine’s brain even though she was already convinced that it was going to go through one ear, turn a bit and go out through the other.
“I don’t like him, I don’t look at him and I don’t even think about him, he is nice, maybe, as a friend, that’s all. End of the story.”
“I think you should go talk to him”, Grenadine said not even listening to her sister.

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  1. So like a sister. Love it...are we to see more of Timmy? Nice hook.

  2. So like a sister! Are we to see more of Timmy? Nice hook, great job.

  3. Yes you might see more of Timmy... but he isn't really the guy people really want to see hehe

  4. You can always trust family to ask the really annoying questions, huh :D Nicely done!

  5. "go through one ear, turn a bit and go out through the other"

    My favorite line. Great hook. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Reminds my of how my brother used to annoy me all the time when I was a kid - LOL.