Sunday, August 25, 2013

Demon and Fairy WeWriWar 14

Hello Warriors and dear readers, welcome to another Week-end Writing Warrior blog post.
Thank you for all the comments last week, they made me very happy.

You can win a signed copy of Demon and Fairy by participating to Mich's Summer Mystery (WARNING: the mystery may contains Rhinoceros and weird grammar) 
Now let's go to this week snippet, more on Demon and Fairy.

In the previous episodes: Seti was in pain and flying to see Kallisto who is the only person who can help him get ride of it. He remembered how he had met her the first time but unfortunately this time it was late at night and she was nowhere to be seen. Seti couldn't spend the night on the Beach and decided to fly home not noticing that another demon entered her house. We followed Seti and discovered his chaotic bedroom before meeting his family for breakfast. They were arguing about Seti's sister's arranged wedding being canceled by the other family and Samira was crying. Their father said that Seti would just have to apologize. and we learn what Seti thinks about the situation. Seti met the twin's father and gave him an unexpected apology demon style which scared everyone around except Taram who had been spying at the scene from the stairs with his twin brother Torin. After the confrontation, as always when he has a headache, Seti flew to the beach and fell asleep near the tidal pool. When Seti waked, he saw Kallisto facing a snake he managed to get through the barrier and stop it from attacking her, at the moment he is about to kill the snake, Kallisto tells him to stop. Today we will see what happens to that snake.

Here are my 8 sentences we start again just where we stopped last time. (Of course he is Seti.)

Seti followed holding the snake which was shaking its tail trying to free itself. She stopped.
“Here is the barrier, you see it protects this house from nasty things from outside, if you could let it go on the other side I would be grateful,” she said.
“Protect the house from nasty things,” Seti repeated.
He could see the transparent glass. It seemed like a bubble, something so simple just here to protect her from nasty things, things like him. He placed slowly the snake on the other side wondering if the barrier was going to realize its mistake and push him on the other side too but it didn’t.
“Thank you,” she was smiling again, looking right in his direction.

I hope you enjoyed today's excerpt and see you next week for more of Seti's adventures.

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  1. Oh, he seems a bit smitten by her. Cute eight.

  2. Intriguing. Why is he allowed in and the snake kept out? Did she give him permission when she looked him straight in the eye? Nice 8.

  3. The snake wiggles when he holds it as snakes do. Good of him to get rid of it when she asks.

  4. The snake wiggles when he holds it as snakes do. Good of him to get rid of it when she asks.

  5. Oh so lovely eight. Sensitive and sweet Seti protects her.Thanks, Linda. You tell an interesting tale--tail.

  6. So maybe he's not as bad as he thinks he is, aside from the whole chaos thing, but other than that. I think he would have got sucked in if he was as evil as he thought himself to be.

    Nice snippet, Linda. :)

    History Sleuth's Milk Carton Murders

  7. Hey! Thanks for dropping by and reminding me that I hadn't gotten my snippet up on time for this week. It's there now!

  8. Really interesting. If the snake protects from nasty things, why not him? Hmmmm.... Great job!

  9. Yeah, I love the setup here, and how nervous he is about the barrier. It'd be funny if he got his hand stuck outside and couldn't get it back in again. ;)

  10. Enjoyed your 8. Definitely want to know more about the 'nasty things'. Intriguing. :)

  11. Very nice! I can sense a romance is blossoming. :)

  12. Sad that he thinks of himself as "a nasty thing."

  13. Nice visual of a barrier of protection, and snake-induced at that! Like Evelyn noted, I can sense romance in the air, too - nicely done!

  14. Nice snippet. I could sense the attraction here. I'm intrigued. Maybe he isn't so back as he thinks?

  15. This is a sweet story, and so very creative, Linda! Love is trying to blossom. You have quite an imagination!