Sunday, August 11, 2013

Demon and Fairy WeWriWar 12

Hello Warriors and dear readers, welcome to a new Week-end Writing Warrior blog post.
I was away for the last two weeks on the other side of the Chinese Great Wall so I couldn't write any posts. Did you miss me?
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Now let's go to this week snippet, more on Demon and Fairy.

In the previous episodes: Seti was in pain and flying to see Kallisto who is the only person who can help him get ride of it. He remembered how he had met her the first time but unfortunately this time it was late at night and she was nowhere to be seen. Seti couldn't spend the night on the Beach and decided to fly home not noticing that another demon entered her house. We followed Seti and discovered his chaotic bedroom before meeting his family for breakfast. They were arguing about Seti's sister's arranged wedding being canceled by the other family and Samira was crying. Their father said that Seti would just have to apologize. and we learn what Seti thinks about the situation. Seti met the twin's father and gave him an unexpected apology demon style which scared everyone around except Taram who had been spying at the scene from the stairs with his twin brother Torin. After the confrontation, as always when he has a headache, Seti flew to the beach and fell asleep near the tidal pool. When Seti waked, he saw Kallisto facing a snake.

Here are my 8 sentences we start again just where we stopped last time. (Of course he is Seti.)

He plunged his head in the water, looking for the Kelpie or someone to help her. 
Why was there nobody? Where were they? 
He hurt his head to the glass barrier between them looking desperately for a way to help her, knocking desperately on the evil barrier separating them. As he was knocking for the third time, the glass disappeared and he fell rapidly through the branches of the tree. He landed lightly on the ground in front of her just behind the snake. It took him only few seconds to realize where he was and to react to the danger. He took the snake with both hands ready to break its neck. 

I hope you enjoyed today's excerpt and see you next week for more of Seti's adventures.

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  1. Now that he's passed through the barrier, will he be able to get back?

  2. Landing next to a snake. Yikes. Brave man for grabbing the snake like that.

    You might want to check your second or third sentence. I don't remember which and I can't see the post on the comment page. I think there's word missing or the wrong preposition used.

    Interesting 8.

  3. Oh, a break through, literally and figuratively. He has crossed the threshold into a new adventure. Nicely done!

  4. Is the snake really bad? Maybe it's her friend? Hmm...

  5. Snakes give me the shivers, so I'm glad he grabbed it. He's quite the hero :)

  6. I'm terrified of snakes. So glad he grabbed it. He's my hero. :)

  7. I have a horror for snakes, so am pleased he grabbed it. He's quite the hero :).

  8. Ready too, but the question is did he? I noticed you were away Linda, now your turn to miss me. I'm not playing this week. :)

  9. I like your story -- it is like a dreamscape.