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It has been a long time since the last character post. Today, I want to continue with the characters of Vampire Heart and here is an introduction to Vlad, which Viorel always calls "my uncle" for the moment, I might change that later with the editing.Vlad is based on Vlad III Dracula even though the real one was not born yet when the story is held while my Vlad is at least few hundreds years old already. Here is a bit about Vlad education way before Viorel was even born. As usual, it doesn't appear in the novel but was helpful to build the character. I apologize for any anachronisms  in here I haven't checked the character building part or the draft of the novel for them yet. It will be a huge part of the editing process.


"Humans are not like us," the preceptor said pulling his glasses back up on his nose.
Vlad knew that vampires didn't need glasses and that he was wearing them just by habit, to look good maybe or scary. When the preceptor moved his glasses up, he was scary and Vlad knew that he had said something wrong but he couldn't stop.
"But they look like us," he said.
The preceptor took his stick, the long one which could reach over the desk to slap Vlad's fingers if he didn't want to bother standing up and interrupt his reading to punish him. But his time he stood up. Vlad knew that he was going to get an explanation but that it might also be painful. 
"The humans," the preceptor said putting down his book upside down on the desk not to loose his page. "They are a lowest species on the food chain. They eat lower ranking animals that they have to kill and greeneries, they would even eat dirt if they had to, to survive. We are the closest thing to god, we don't eat rotting dead flesh, We feed on life itself, We suck the blood out of the humans and We decide who should live and who should die because we are Gods." 
Vlad swallowed looking at the stick going up and down in his preceptor's hand. He had more questions and was weighting the risk of asking them. 
"Then why does the human pray to.... another God when they go to church?" He asked speaking the last words as quickly as he could as if he feared to receive the stick before being able to finish it. He knew that the blow would stop him to speak.
"The humans are foolish creatures who believe that there is something higher than us to take them away from their misery," the preceptor said bending in front of Vlad, a hand on the table to put his face just in front of his. "The humans don't deserve your clemence, the humans deserve to die and suffer by your hands because you will rule on this clan some day." 
He stood up and slapped Vlads fingers. 
"And I will make your ruler's hand strong so you can feel the pain you need to bring on the humans," he said slapping Vlad's fingers again. 
"And when I rule I will have you dead," Vlad thought gritting his teeth to hold the pain and looking straight at his preceptor, he hated the man. 
Blood leaked between his fingers and the preceptor stopped hitting him.
"Now take back your book and read out lout," he said walking back to his chair. 
"Why do I need to learn Latin. Nobody speaks it?" Vlad asked with anger. 
The pain was disappearing as the cuts on his fingers healed slowly, but he was angry that a servitor had spread his blood.
The preceptor reached for the stick he had left on the desk and hit Vlad on the check. It cut the tender skin and Vlad smelled his blood again. 
"Because you don't want to be an illiterate pig," the preceptor said.
Vlad gritted his teeth and looked down at the book. Nothing made sense, it was just letters in a weird order. 
"Out loud," the preceptor said.
Vlad started to read the unknown words. 

I hope you liked it, let me know what you think. With a teacher like this, no wonder Vlad became a really really bad vampire. Scary, scary, but you'll see more of old Vlad on Saturday.

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