Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mich’s summer mystery: the mirror

Hello everyone and welcome to a new Mich's Summer Mystery post,
Nobody solved the mystery yet, I'm wondering if I'm posting too much about it or too little. Any kind of feedback would really be appreciated. Last time finished with a question. Could it be?...  
So let's the story get crazy...
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After her weird awakening for lunch time, Mich met her mum in the Kitchen and she was very suspicious. Then it was time for shower. Now it seems that Mich is having some kind of problem with the mirror.

Mich’s summer mystery: the mirror

It’s not me, it’s not me. The thought kept on bumping in my mind while I looked in the mirror. I stroked my eyes in disbelieve, it couldn’t be. My reflection? Where is my reflection? It’s gone, completely gone. I put my fingers in front of my eyes, I could still see myself. The mirror reflected the room behind me but not me. I’m invisible, cool. I’m going nuts, not so cool. I took the shower gel to see if it could be the responsible for my reflection less body but of course not.

“Mum! There is some problems with the mirror!”

“Of course Mich!”

I went to the door, then to the mirror, looked inside, still nothing to be seen.


Nothing from my mum, it might be some kind of jokes of some sorts. People in this house didn’t joke much thought. Did I just lose my reflection? 
I looked in the mirror deeply, how could it be? Blood sucking reflection less being entered my room during the night to turned me into one of them, they were the one robbing me from my things. They were possibly members of the brotherhood of weird things in life too. Something felt wrong with the mirror. I definitely found some clue here. I smiled coming closer to the mirror. My reflection-less self would solve this mystery. The mirror looked like it did before. I put my fingers on it, the coldness of it felt electrifying. I stroke it, trying to remove my fingers from it but I couldn’t. My fingers were soon covered with some vermilion-grey, thick, sticky jelly. It moved up my wrist to my elbow. I filled my lung with oxygen one more time.

“Mum!” She needed to come this time, she needed to see it for herself. She needed to believe me now.

“Mum!” Nothing from her.

The jelly covered my entire skin, it stick my eyes but not much I felt the mirror pulling me inside of it. It felt cold. I liked the vermillion-grey color better but something in me missed my Jupiter green skin. I felt something on my neck squeezing strongly, I felt dizzy. I missed some steps, I turned, turned like busy bees looking for food. When I stopped on the other side I could see the green room I used to know. My tongue wet my dry lips, my lips gets dry when I feel nervous. I didn’t know where I could be but the only possibility coming to my mind, I crossed the mirror. I did it, I moved to some other dimension. I remember willing for something like this to occur. I wished for something big which nobody could ever do, now I could cross dimension. But where did the mirror sent me?


That's all for today. Any idea where Mich should go next?  Did you already solve the mystery? I don't think so but if you did just let me know!
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