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Mich’s summer mystery: In the mirror

Hello everyone and welcome to a new Mich's Summer Mystery post.

Nobody solved the mystery yet, any kind of feedback would really be appreciated to make sure that I'm not confusing you as the story gets crazier and crazier. Last time finished with a question. But where did the mirror sent me?...  
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After her weird awakening for lunch time, Mich met her mum in the Kitchen and she was very suspicious. Then it was time for shower. Mich was having some kind of problem with the mirror and today she appears to be inside it.

Mich’s summer mystery: In the mirror.

I looked right, I looked left vermillon-grey color everywhere, nothing but streets, crossing, very little trees, no houses, nobody. This mirror world intrigued me. I looked through the other side of the mirror to the green room. I didn’t feel like giving up, going there once more to my life. I counted the streets, there were six of them. I couldn’t possibly get lost here. If you don’t know where you’re going I don’t need to bother too long on which street you go by. I found something like this in some book, it seemed good to me seeing my position right now. I took the street in the middle. From the middle you could go to every side. It seemed the best choice. The more I progressed on the street, the more the world seemed to become different. First there were those tiny little pieces of color coming up on the trees, then on the ground, then they covered everything. I felt like someone coloring the world without knowing how to. The guy, possibly member of the brotherhood of weird things in life held color pencil between his toes.

I stopped suddenly in front of trees growing light-speed in front of me in the middle of the street. I trying to circumvent it but it moved to the left when I moved to the right. I stopped once more but it moved to the right when I move to the left.

“Go to the left I’ll go to the left too,” I didn’t know if trees could comprehend my speech, I might need more in this world.

It kept on going in the wrong direction. I stopped moving, tried to surprise it but it didn’t work. Stuck in front of multicolored wooden pieces glued together to form some kind of super weird tree. How could life get better?

“Something went missing, I’m looking for it,” I tried once more.

“Missing, missing, missing, misssssing, missssiiiiiing,” the tree echoed.

Weird, weird tree.

“Mr tree, I…”

The tree bent in front of me, I bowed too. You need to be polite in foreign world like this when you don’t know the customs. Someone jumped from the tree just in front of me. I went so surprised I felt on the ground. The weird colored spots stuck my trousers so I stood up hurrying.

“Not tree, not tree,” the boy spun on himself.

I could only see his spot colored body. He looked like some sort of clown with very weird outfit. The colors in this world were completely upside down. There were some questions which needed some times to be spent on. The boy stopped spinning, I felt relieved colorful for sure but not completely nuts.

“You need to spin to move on,” he begun. “the willow don’t know how to move if you spin, they don’t copy the spin.”

“So the trees copy us?” I felt bemused.

“Not tree, not tree, willows, tree is not like this, you didn’t met willows or trees before?”

“I met plenty” I didn’t like people thinking I didn’t know something.

The boy didn’t seem to believe me, he climbed in the willow helping himself with blue spot of color only. I felt disturbed by his colorful skin mixing with the color of the willow. I needed to focus deeply to see his eyes. I touch myself wondering if I looked colorful too. I would possibly never see myself in mirrors from now on. I sighed.

“Spin, spin, spin,” the boy told me from his sit in the willow.

I spun, spun, spun. The willow moved to the left, the willow moved to the right. On the other side I could see huge building, colorful people moving on weird colored rhinoceros. Could I find my thing in there?


That's all for today. Any idea where Mich should go next?  Did you already solve the mystery? I don't think so but if you did just let me know!
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