Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hump Day Hook 2: Demon Soul

It's Wednesday Hump Day Hook again. Find the other writers here.
If you miss the first, it's here but don't worry, I'm posting them randomly so they seem unrelated.

Here is a little part of Demon Soul. Today we are talking about spiders. Enjoy!

"Can you get it?" Ayo said trying to be brave, "I'm scared of spiders."
"There are no spiders," she knelled on the floor and took the teddy out of under Yobi's bed. "You see no spiders at all."
Ayokunle hugged his teddy as if he thought he was never going to see it ever again.
"What if the spiders come back?" He finally asked worried.
"You know how much mum is always cleaning here all the time. The spiders didn't like to be annoyed so they decided to live elsewhere."
"Really?" Ayo's eyes opened larger but he was a bit incredulous "Are you sure?"
"Of course, I saw them leave long time ago with their suitcases and boxes," Brownie added very seriously. Ayokunle giggled "Spiders don't have suitcases."
Brownie felt a bit relieved to see him smile again.
"Of course they do, let me see." Brownie stood up, took the little boy in her arms and walked to the bookshelves.
"Where is it? Oh yes, here." She took a big book out of the shelves, went to sit on Ayokunle's bed and started to turn the pages. Ayo was looking interested at the images passing until Brownie stopped to a story called The spider and the moon princess and started to read. After few pages the image showed spiders leaving the moon with a lot of suitcases.  
Ayokunle opened big eyes. "They do have a lot of suitcases." 
"Didn't I tell you so?"

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  1. This might post twice but great hook.

  2. lol I can understand the dislike of spiders

  3. I wish the spiders in this house would pack their suitcases, too. Nice hook.

  4. Still not keen on spiders but great hook!

  5. Very cute! I wish mine would pack and leave, too. Though most of them leave in the garbage.

  6. Lol, great hook. We get daddy long leg spiders here, but I can sympathise.