Sunday, July 14, 2013

Demon and Fairy WeWriWar 10

Hello Warriors and dear readers, welcome to the first WeWriWar of July.
Thank you so much for all the comments you left on last week-end snippet. I feeling a bit burned out on my never ending Vampire story, if you have any idea how I can fix that, please let me know, I know what to write, just when I start writing I want to do something else, mostly sleep. 
Demon and Fairy is finally out on amazon and CreateSpace as a paper back and I hope to get the ebook out soon too. You can win a signed copy of Demon and Fairy by participating to Mich's Summer Mystery (WARNING: the mystery may contains Rhinoceros and weird grammar) 

Now let's go to this week snippet, more on Demon and Fairy.

In the previous episodes, Seti was in pain and flying to see Kallisto who is the only person who can help him get ride of it. He remembered how he had met her the first time but unfortunately this time it was late at night and she was nowhere to be seen. Seti couldn't spend the night on the Beach and decided to fly home not noticing that another demon entered her house. We followed Seti and discovered his chaotic bedroom before meeting his family for breakfast. They were arguing about Seti's sister's arranged wedding being canceled by the other family and Samira was crying. Their father said that Seti would just have to apologize. and we learn what Seti thinks about the situation. Seti met the twin's father and gave him an unexpected apology demon style which scared everyone around except Taram who had been spying at the scene from the stairs with his twin brother Torin. To day we are moving a bit forward, as always when he has a headache, Seti flew to the beach.

Here are my 8 sentences.

Seti reached the tidal pool and bent over it. She was at the bottom, playing her flute as usual, rocking softly on the swing. As the music reached him all the pain started to disappear as if it was flying away from him, as if the music was cleaning him from the Chaos brought by last night’s fight as well. He breathed deeply, quietly looking at her. He noticed the little fairies flying all around her. They were so fast, only his demon’s eyes were permitting him to see this kind of beauty. He was back to her paradise, and he felt that here nothing could hurt him. He lay on the floor near the tidal pool looking at her and slowly fell asleep, letting her music fill his dreams.

I hope you enjoyed today's excerpt and see you next week for more of Seti's adventures. Next week, he might finally meet Kallisto.

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  1. I like the name Seti. Nice snippet! I'm looking forward to reading more. And I understand about stories seeming to be neverending. Sometimes it helps to take a break and work on something else for a while.

  2. Thank you Ana,
    His name is Seti for a very good reason. :)
    I really want to finish this vampire story it's require 3 times more words than my usual novel length and I'm half way through... I might need a big break though.

  3. I love how fluid your writing is in this snippet. Nicely done.

  4. Lovely snippet. I like that her music heals him. As for writing the book...honestly? If you need a break, I say take one. No use making something a job if it doesn't have to be. That just sucks all the fun out of writing, and for me, that ends showing on the page. Maybe work on something else for a while until you get pulled back into it.

  5. Very nice snippet! I love the peacefulness of it.

  6. Very nice snippet! I love the peacefulness of it.

  7. I can feel him transition through this 8, very nice.

    I'm dealing with a similar situation with my WIP. I'm too close to it. I'm going to take a break and come back to it in a couple days. Sometimes that's all it takes. Good luck.

  8. Peaceful snippet today, which makes me happy for poor Seti!

  9. The magic of her music soothes Seti and allows him to fall asleep. What a relief for him! Interesting story and one certainly does get caught up in that world.

  10. Lovely scene. I wonder if in the first sentence bend should be bent?

  11. There's a lovely energy to this! In the first sentence, though, I believe "bend" should be "bent," as you're writing in past tense. Due to that same reason in this sentence: "He breathed deeply and quietly looking at her," looking should be "looked." "For clarification purposes, maybe insert a name for "she" here and there. But again, a lovely, peaceful energy to this. I'm glad Seti found some peace after all the Chaos!

    As far as being burned out, I would definitely take a break. Perhaps write something else, or catch up on some reading, then try bit by bit to get back to the story you want to finish.

  12. I like all the little fairies flitting about her...I can see them in my mind's eye : )

  13. What a lovely, peaceful place for him. Rest at last.

  14. Great snippet! Love the description!