Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mich’s summer mystery: the kitchen

Hello every one and happy Tuesday,

It is time for a new part of our mystery. Nobody won so far so you still have all your chances to win one of our prizes. If you don't remember how to participate, please have a look at the rules. If you missed the beginning of the story have a look here

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After her weird awakening for lunch time, Mich is going to meet her mum in the Kitchen.

Mich’s summer mystery: the kitchen 

No omelet, no cheese, chicken. Mum cooked chicken, French fries, it looks like week-end in the house, she even disposed the kiwi pie just out of the oven, my mum is the queen of kiwi pie. I like kiwi but every time there is one for dessert I don’t miss to think there is something wrong with the kiwis. If you were to think of it deeply you would see kiwis were no fruits but bird eggs. They grow in trees but they resembled eggs, there were brown like eggs of course they don’t feel like eggs if you touch them but still when you look you possibly couldn’t miss to notice. The color too, it’s the bird fur color. If my mum didn’t cut them into pieces, we might see little chicks running in the kitchen. So I thought the chicks were missing but no. My mystery won’t be solved just yet in the kiwi pie so I will devour my slice of it with my hungry mouth once done with the chicken. Kiwi juice, kiwi pie, I wonder why my mum didn’t put kiwi in the chicken or cooked kiwi fries.

“You slept in your clothes! How…” my mum noticed. 

It seemed like the common joke but not for my side of the story. 

“There is something missing”, I cut her. 

She just shrugged her shoulders. She never believed in my problems. For her life is simple but not for weirdoes like me. 

“Who took your sleeping shirt?” she put huge pieces of chicken wings in front of me. 

 It looked dry, my belly told me to decline it but I knew I couldn’t.

 “It’s not my sleeping shirt”, I pulled on my shirt some more trying to look better, pretty useless. 


“I don’t know,” I sighed. 

The food piled up in front of me. Her mind wouldn’t stop ironing my shirt. I could feel her eyes on me. 

“So it just went missing like this, without you noticing where it went”, my mum looked through her wine bottle. 

She didn’t drink she just enjoyed the green color of it. I couldn’t remember how long we used this wine bottle, but she couldn’t see my untidy shirt from there. 

“Do you know where it is?” 

“Not it the kitchen,” she poured the ketchup on her chicken leg, she loved ketchup I could only think of the blood of the chicken being bottled then restituted from the red bottle. 
I looked in every corner. 

“Your clothes never go out of your room.” The sleeping shirt never left her mind. 

 “It might be here,” of course it didn’t bother me much. 

“It’s no time to look for it, it’s not here.” She seemed to be hiding something.

I felt puzzled. My mum took it? Why would she? Not like it’s my property but still, she seemed suspicious to me. 

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