Friday, June 21, 2013

Mich's Summer mystery: Introduction

Hello everybody,
Today is a big day because it's the start of a new blog post series and contest called "Mich's Summer mystery". It has been advertised on facebook and tweeter for more than a month without real rules. So let's start with setting things up.

"Mich's Summer mystery" is a mysterious story about a girl called Mich in a crazy, strange, funny and sometimes disconcerting world. In Mich's world, everything can happen and YOU decide on where it happens. And there is a mystery object/person, well something for YOU to find.  
"Mich's Summer mystery" is written in a very particular style if you're confused don't worry it's totally normal! Only the bravest of the bravest will see the end of the adventure. WILL IT BE YOU?

Here are the rules:
New "Mich's Summer mystery" blog posts will be announced on the facebook pages: Mes crazy experiences and Linda Hamonou's writing corner, on twitter @crazypuce and on the facebook event page.

Comment on "Mich's Summer Mystery" blog post or on the facebook pages' posts to give one the new locations of the story. The more location will be given the longer the story will be. (If you want an advertisement for your page when your location is used just let me know)
Send an email to including your name and your guess for the mystery object. Any guesses (right or wrong) on the pages or blog posts will be delete. Don't spoil the fun for others. 

4 signed paperback copies of my new novel Demon and Fairy
Demon Soul ebooks (depending on the number of participants)
New prizes can be added anytime, stay tune!! 

And now let's the fun start !!!!

Mich’s summer mystery: Introduction

I woke up this morning with tremendously stiff neck, shoulders, different pieces of my body sore... even my legs. I seemed like hit on the skull with something very strong; it might be some of the wood pieces they use for cricket or some stones, the picture of elves throwing stones hit my mind but I forgot it stroking my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, the light seemed too strong for this time in the morning. The blinds were down, it’s impossible to see like this with the blinds down. I looked for bumps or blood or broken bones but found none.

“Something here isn’t quite right”, I thought to myself but with my stiff body my thoughts weren’t feeling right either. I sighed, turned in my undone bed. I didn't remember where I left my trousers but I didn't remove my shirt before going to sleep. I couldn't expect different for this long week-end, I promised myself to study, this wouldn't help me with being behind on most courses everything but English. I filled up my lungs with cold oxygen, trying to rest the ever pounding muscle in my chest… Useless!

The overwhelmness, the never-ending feeling of something missing, I needed to find it! But I couldn't put my finger on it. I tried to remember the night before. I liked going to bed but getting out… I turned in my bed, on my belly I felt more secure, the hot feeling of my own body on the sheet. If only I could forget this missing thing, continue to sleep. Sleep is the sweetest thing.

"Mich! Lunch is served!" My mum in the kitchen, twelve on the dot, now I knew the time, I slide out of bed. Let me find those trousers! One leg out, the other, it's too chilly for summer. I put the cover on my shoulder, my feet on the ground. I smiled seeing my pink socks still on my feet, wooden floors were forever icy in the morning.

“Mich!” My mum once more.
I pushed books on the side, the pocket I used to bring my stuff to school, completely useless, books, pencils, notebook, even my money, felt out of it once more but it’s so cute, every girls envy me. There is some purple rhinoceros on it. I like rhinoceros, the horns or the movement of their mouths when they chew stuff.

“Mich!” Mum getting pissed.
One thing with my mum, she is so on time, not missing things by seconds, it’s stressing the hell out of me. My trousers, not the one I wore before but my purple one, I sewed rhinoceros on one of its legs. Rhinoceros, the coolest wild thing, truly, I wish I were strong, cool like rhinoceros. One leg in, the others, I felt dizzy rushing like this in the morning, I definitely need to drink, something, juice, kiwi juice. I knew I’ll need to get lunch now, not the most rejoicing thought but no choice, juice in the morning is the best.

I opened the door. The smell of the dishes struck me. Omelet, I remembered omelet don’t smell, something weird from the kitchen too, smelly omelet or did she put cheese in it? The smell of cheese. In the morning she would drink coffee, my mum loves coffee. If coffee smell fills the room I could puck, seriously but she doesn’t get it. Coffee is her thing. No coffee now though, not yet, first lunch, desert, cheese then coffee…. It’s twelve; I need to remember it’s not morning. I pulled on my crumpled shirt, not need to piss of mum even more. I could pretend I felt sleeping studying, but would it work?


That's all for today. Any idea where Mich should go next?  Did you already solve the mystery? I don't think so but if you did just let me know!
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