Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Dylan stood up hearing voices in the living room on the other side of the corridor. It was the middle of the day, everyone should have been sleeping now, it was dangerous to be awake during the day. Lysandro had told him so many times not to get up during the day. But this time Dylan wasn't scared about the day, his chest was feeling weird as if something terrible was going to happen. He went down of  his bed and put his feet carefully on the stone floor, he remembered hurting himself when getting out of bed so fast. He held himself on the wall making sure not to touch the curtain. The daylight on the other side was dangerous. He walked slowly to the door making sure not to make noise. If Lysandro was to find him up he would be a little upset but if his father was seeing him up it would be much worse.
He tiptoed to reach the door's handle, he barely needed to push on it for the door to turn on itself. Lysandro and his father were arguing in the other room. Lately he had never seen them together. It was strange. He crossed the corridor and hide behind the door looking at them. A man was kneeling on the floor, he looked funny with his hands attached in his back. Maybe it was a human, Dylan wasn't hungry yet but he wondered what was for breakfast.
"You can't keep on killing every pure blood vampire who comes your way, you are weakening us", Lysandro said.
"I need answers, when you'll have lived as long as I have", his father started but Lysandro flatten his hand on the desk between them interrupting him.
Dylan startled and looked around to make sure that he didn't make noticeable noise.
"Please not again!" Lysandro said angrily. His father was hiding behind his age and that made him angry, not every old vampire was obsessed with where they were coming from. "Maybe it is just that you are too old to think about what is good for your people."
"How dare you?" his father said.
Dylan hide a bit more but couldn't help watching.
"You're old and crazy, you're obsessed with something that can't be found when we are becoming weaker every day, the only viable vampire are the one we sire, there haven't been any pure blood growing up since Dylan, he will be the last of us to be actually raised as a vampire, don't you see what it means? The humans are growing in number every day, they will soon find a way to increase their longevity. The sired vampires are menacing to rebel against our weakening authority as there are more and more of them and less and less of us. How can you spend your entire life looking at the past when we have an eternity to live?" Lysandro said.
He seemed tired. Dylan had seen him becoming stranger and stranger lately and more absent minded as well. His brother was worried about something but Dylan couldn't understand what it was. 
"We need answers, once we know where we come from we will be able to find a cure", his father answered.
"You are like the humans who need to reassure themselves that their god created them and love them. There is no need for this and you can get your answer without killing anymore", Lysandro said. 
He looked at the vampire attached on the other side of the room. If he managed to argue with his father until sunset he might find a way to let him run for his life.
"We need the answers", his father said again. His voice was growing deeper and deeper with anger. Dylan was scared. His father was the scariest person he had ever seen. He would get mad and throw everything in the room. He didn't really remember what had happened to his mother but he knew that his father was mad at her and yelled and made a mess in the room. Lysandro had taken him away from his mother and he had never seen her again. He wanted to talk about it but it was better not to say anything and to stay as far away from his father, that's what he had learned. Now he was scared because he didn't want Lysandro to go away too. He clung at the sliver bracelet Lysandro had given him. It was supposed to protect him but he wasn't sure about what.
"There is no answer, if there were you would already have found them, will you ever be satisfy?" Lysandro asked.
"There are answers, we are here for a reason and I'll figure it out even if I have to kill all the vampires on the face of this earth to reach it", His father said. He was holding a long knife and walking toward Lysandro.
"What will it give you? to wake up one morning knowing that there is nothing left for you in this world, that you are alone", Lysandro said.
His father was coming toward him menacing.
"You don't want to do that", Lysandro said.
Dylan put both hands on his mouth to repress a cry. 
His father attacked but Lysandro was faster, in a fraction of a second he was the one holding the knife bellow his father's throat holding him in his back.
"Is that what you have been waiting for?" his father said, "Do it! Do it! Kill your own father and reign over the vampires!"
Lysandro threw away the knife which stopped in the heavy curtains, light entered the room a bit, he pushed his father on the floor.
"There is no hope for you but I will find the cure", he said walking to the door. 
He picked up Dylan walking out.
"What did I tell you about going out of your room in the day time?", he said.
Dylan bite his lips having been found guilty. Lysandro carried him to his room.
"I... I will have to leave for a little bit. I want you to be nice and behave, do whatever the others tell you not to get in trouble", Lysandro said.
"I want to go with you", Dylan answered.
"I can't take you with me, it's too dangerous, you need to stay here and wait for me to come back. Can you promise that?" Lysandro asked.
"Mum is gone already, I don't want to be all alone", Dylan said.
"It's just for a little bit, I'll come back once father is not mad at me anymore", Lysandro said.
Father was scary, it was better not to be around when he was mad.
"But you need to come back soon", Dylan answered.
"I promise", Lysandro said before leaving the room.
It was the last time Dylan ever saw his brother.

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