Thursday, June 6, 2013

6 week Challenge update: My anime addiction

I finally caught up with my late hours and even have so time "in advance" on my schedule. Not that this time "in advance" is going to make me slow down, at the contrary. The more you do something, the more you get used to it and the easier it gets. I'm getting used to create my Japanese environment every morning and it helps a lot with getting all those hours of study done with. One things that I found makes it very easy to study is for me to watch anime without subtitles. I just need to have them play on my computer and watch and that can be very addictive. I have been watching about 130 episodes of Bleach and I can recognize the different character voices and particular expression. It's very interesting to discover that you can grasp some subtlety like that without  necessarily understand every words. Another good thing with anime is the repetition of the songs at the end and at the beginning. Repetition is really the key to memorize words and I find those song very helpful.

 On the other hand I feel a bit bad for not taking more care of my Japanese blog. I think I might find a way to be more active over there later but for the moment learning Japanese is more of a priority so I want to concentrate on what works. Blogging might work at another learning stage, who knows. For the moment, I seem to be addicted to Bleach and it's really helpful. I can feel that my Japanese is improving everyday and that's what counts.

I'm also participating in the Read More Or Die challenge this month and it seems that I have overestimated my pages goal a bit. I had based it on my previous page goal of reading mangas but this time I'm reading novels without much of furigana and it is a lot more difficult and I'm slower. However I don't want to give up just yet because I'm really enjoying myself even with more than partial understanding only.

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