Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Everybody I know (at least writers but I'm just it works for everybody) woke up at night, sometimes, with absolutely awesome ideas. Then either you are really disciplined and jump out of bed to act on them or at least write them down on a notebook and that's what you should do because you will never have real problem fixing the writing on something you woke up to write at 3am. Or you start thinking that the ideas are so awesome that there is no way that you are going to forget them and that's where the trouble start because in the morning they are gone and you are left feeling like an idiot knowing that you have just lost maybe the best piece of literature you would have ever written.  It happened to me so many times that I can't even count them, at time even more than once a week, yes once I decided to sleep I'm lazy like that.

Well last night my characters decided to act completely crazy and I didn't directly record them but I still remember because it was really too intense. I mean I have the exact picture at the scene at the beach in my mind so clearly that I could possibly draw it. See why I don't jump out of bed. Sometimes I'm lucky like this and it sticks. So let me tell you what happened but first I need to give you a little introduction of what I have so far and what I'm working on.

I have a series of book, it started as a single book but as all my characters are related it turns out that you can consider them a series if you like. I'm still trying to make them stand on their own but it's starting to be more and more difficult but I'll really try because I want every reader to feel comfortable with the story even if they didn't read the first part. It started with Demon Soul (newly updated), then Demon and Fairy (soon to be available as paperback and ebook) follows, then Demon World (first draft finished last month).

For JuNoWriMo I decided that I will be working on the first draft of Vampire Heart to finish it, it has been waiting for so long that I really own it to my vampire characters and to my readers who loved it but never had a proper ending and to myself. Even thought the vampires appear in my "Demon" series, the story in Vampire Heart is happening way before the demons were even born. I will also have a mystery story: "Mich's summer mystery" starting on 21st of June as a contest and that's the story I'm working on right now.

But the demons won't leave me alone. 

Normally I have mainly Dylan (vampire) and Azazel (demon) coming to bug me to finally write their story, they are secondary characters and like to complain about it because they think they would make awesome main character. 
But last night Kamaril (new demon from Demon World) decided that he was the reincarnation of Poseidon and that he wasn't going to kill Isakael (my angel who hates being an angel) just not now. I don't know why demons and bad guys in general always like to wait before killing people giving them time to escape, find a solution.... but I guess if they were to kill everybody straight away there wouldn't be any story. So Kamaril and Isakael met on the beach just after Isakael had escaped from home one more time to "fix" his little "problem" (see the post from A-toZ Challenge). And Kamaril also decided on the fate of Isakael as well (no spoiler :P). Apparently Kamaril who doesn't know Isakael what so ever before that meeting know what Isakael's problem is. This is a typical demon behavior but Isakael is pretty stubborn and don't take advices from just anyone.
At the same time Isakael (he is starting to appear a lot more than he used to) was at an angels meeting and he knows a lot of things about what is happening in the Demon World, something that the angels are calling "the epidemic" and he will be force to share his information with demons to be able to save what is to be save so when he arrived home they had a very animated discussion. 
Then Kelpie came into the action with his new friend (Surprise! Surprise!) (Can Kelpie even make friends?) in the Fairy World. Kelpie disappeared at the end of "Demon and Fairy" you'll see when you read it. And the Fairy World is now supposed to be out of access to my main characters demons but well I guess they are going to break the rules again and diplomacy is not really their forte.
Not even talking about the Hunters who are making "clones" and they are going to get rid of one of the bad guys I brought back to life in Demon World.
I still don't know what to do with Torsti and Odeon (more demons) but I'm almost sure they are going to come and bug me as well. I was thinking of keeping them out of the next book to have them in the one after that but something is tickling me at the back of my head every time I think about that. I mean they need to look for Lonan anyway at some point.
Seti escaping, (first draft of Demon and Fairy illustration)
When I started to write the Demon Soul it was a really linear story. You start with Brownie and you almost stay with her at all time. It was really easy. In Demon and Fairy it's the same, except for Kelpie's side of the story, I just sticked with Seti at all time. But for Demon World, I had three parallel stories going on and meeting at the end. The next book (for which I don't even have a title) is going to be even more complex so far I can see 5 or 6 parallel stories.

I look at myself and I'm thinking "can you even do that?" "Is this ever going to finish?" "Isn't it too freaking complex?" But my characters keep on pushing me to surpass myself muterring in my ears that I can do it. I might as well try. I think I have some more amazing writing to do.

Have you ever had something starting slowly and becoming incredibly complicated as you were writing it?
Would you enjoy reading that kind of books?

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