Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Japan: a little bit more about 江の島

En français
I already have so many blog posts about the small island: Japan : 江の島, Japan : 江の島 once again, part 1, Japan : 江の島 once again, part 2, Japan : on the way to 鎌倉 tiny stop to 江の島, Japan : 江の島, 鷹と鷲 that I don't really know what else to say. So I will just show you the last pictures from last week-end. The island didn't change much, it's every time the same but I feel like I know it more and more every time I go there. I can also take the trains to go there without really thinking about it. When I came back alone on Sunday night I took five trains changing to make the most time efficient trip without even having to check my way anywhere. I guess I'm getting good at moving around in Japan. It reminded me when I was playing with my friends at guessing the number of stations and their names between the place we were at and our destination with different trains. A lot of fun. 


  1. The photo with the bell--and the sea beyond--stunning! All of your pics are nice. The culture is so different from ours. But, people are all the same inside. :-) Nice post. :-)

  2. I too liked the photo with the bell, as well as the photo where the camera is in some sort of box/tunnel and looking at a shrine? That looked cool. =)

    I've been interested in Japan and their culture, so this is really cool for me.