Thursday, May 30, 2013

France: Rennes, Brittany's Parliament

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As Rennes is the main city of Brittany when Brittany was not yet part of France, it used to have be one of the center of power with Nantes. The castle of the Duke of Brittany is in Nantes and the Parliament is in Rennes. The Parliament has been burned down few years ago during a strike by the farmer. It has now been rebuild. It contains a court of justice with several chambers and people have been beheaded in the central court. In the main room there was an exposition explaining how justice worked so long ago and I can tell you it was pretty terrible with a lot of torture and chopped limbs. There is also an explanation of the treaty linking Brittany to France and telling of the agreement which are still in place today, like the salt not being taxed in Brittany and the road also being free which were some of the point important for Duchess of Brittany the last independent Brittany ruler who became queen of two French kings. As a kid and even now, I really liked the Duchess, she was a strong woman.
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Main room

Symbol of the crown of Brittany

Execution square

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