Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ETSY product : Mini Viorel doll

You might have read the story of Viorel during the A-to-Z Challenge. You might even have had a look at the partial first draft of Vampire Heart.
Well now you can get yourself a Viorel doll.
The Viorel mini doll is a version of Viorel in Vampire heart with elegant had and clothes, something from the past.
It is suitable toe decorate your house, as a gift or to hang out of your bag. Just like the Sahel mini doll it
would never miss to attract attention. It will captivate every one around with his red eyes and enlighten your day with his somehow comical hat.
I wanted at first to make a more Demon Soul like version of Viorel but while working on this creation, I succumbed to the charm of the old fashion vampire in red and dark color. Looking at him will not miss to help me write the end of his epic travel story across Europe and Asia over more time than I would ever see in my life. 600 years of wandering might seem like a blessing or like a curse.
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