Thursday, May 2, 2013

Demon Soul the making of part 4 : Why do demons' wings change color?

In the last part of the Making of,  I introduced the surprise characters, now I want to introduce more specific details about the characters and their special characteristics. I will be discussion particularities about demons especially as Demon Soul is obviously a story about demons.

If you have already seen the post about Watchers, Nephilim and Hunters for the A-to-Z Challenge, you know by now that in the world I created, the demons are all descendant of angels having lost their glorious white wings but this doesn't meant that demons don't have wings. They have wings looking more like bat wings where you can see the articulations and bones as the wings are now deprived of their white feathers. The wings of the demons are at the top of their back, somewhere on the scapula bones. Just at the junction between the wings and the rest of the body we can find one of the demons' nervous system center. This part of their body is extremely sensitive and one of the highest punishment is to have your wings cut their, obviously without anesthesia, this is the same for the angels. But because this nervous system is at equal distance between the heart and the brain, the blood flow and nerves carry the thoughts and emotions of the demon allowing there wings to change color.

Human being are known to blush is different situation. The demons' wings changing color is about the same principle. However, as demons are able to do magick following the four elements, water, fire, air, and earth, their wings have a broader range of color than a human face. The darker the color the stronger the emotion is. For example having light blue wings mean that the demon is at peace and calm, if the wings turn dark blue, the demon is becoming happier and getting excited. The color for happiness is pink but most of the time it always occurs in flashes.

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