Wednesday, May 29, 2013

6 week Challenge update: Learning with music

I'm only 6 hours behind on my schedule, I have two more weeks to catch up and I can feel that it's totally possible. I'm really happy with all the catch up I have been doing. 

Except for watching anime Bleach and drama ヘブンズ・フラワー The legend of Arcana. I have been mainly learning with music. I'm listening only to aqua timez and I play my playlist about 4 times a day.

I'm starting to pick up a lot more sentences in the music I'm listening. I mean some of the songs I still have no clue what they are about but for others I have those "Ah!" moments when I have a complete set of words starting to make sense. This is something that I find myself only able to have with a very large amount of repetitions. I tried to break that pattern and accelerate the rate of learning by looking at the lyrics with meanings to them but the problem with that is that I can't reproduce and remember sentences well enough to use them. If I listen to it many times and it comes naturally to be remembered, I can sing the song. Of course I might repeat the song many times with the lyrics next to me as well. It might accelerate the learning efficiency a bit but it's a lot more troublesome than to just let the music play with only partial attention to it and it would take a longer time than just playing the song while working. So all in all I'm happy with my learning which doesn't require much efforts but only to have something in my ears playing all day and not to forget to charge my ipod. 

I didn't have much conversation in Japanese this week. But as I'm singing all those songs all the time, my boyfriend started to correct me and to help me with the lyrics so it also help a lot with my progresses and we ended up watching "Brave story" because it has a song from aqua timez. 

I'm making progresses daily. I can't wait to add the Read More or Die contest to this in 3 days. I set my page goal to 1500 that's rather a lot and I might set it down a little later. I'll be happy with anything above 1200 pages as my best was a bit lower than that. I wonder how this will fit with JuNoWriMo starting at the same time and Mich's summer mystery at the end of the month.

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