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And here come Z and the end of the A-to-Z Challenge. For this final blog post of the series I don't have a particular character with his name starting with Z so I decided to write another multi character short story and to let you know what happened when Yobi first arrived in the house where all my characters live. 

Tito, Tân and Danny were playing in the sand behind the house building an incredible sand castle when Mikala arrived holding Yobi's hand.
"Boys, this is Yobi and he is going to share your room from now on", Mikala said with a large smile pressing Yobi forward. Yobi wasn't sure if he was supposed to pretend to be shy or if he needed to teach those kids who was in charge already. He decided to wait to see their reactions.
Tito was concentrating on adding just the right water to the sand and Danny was holding it above the ground concentrating to molt it in just the right shape. They didn't even bother to look up but Tân did.
"Are you sure?" He asked, "he is just a baby."
Yobi was looking like a four years old child and normally the little one were staying in the baby room. Tân was six and he was proud to be older and to have the larger room to share with Tân and Danny, they were the only one with powers in that room, he didn't want a baby to come annoy them.
"You are the baby, I'm older than you", Yobi said pulling his tongue out.
Tân laughed.
"Actually, Yobi is 400-years-old and I'm sure he has a lot of things to teach you", Mikala said. "Now be nice and let him play."
Tito looked back at the castle ignoring there remarked while Mikala pushed Yobi forward and turned around to leave. 
"What are you doing?" Yobi asked.
"We are building a castle, obviously", Tân said. He was not really happy to have an intruder  near their castle,  whenever they were trying to build one in the park it always ended up in a disaster because of other kids wanting to participate. 
"No they are building a castle very badly", Yobi said. "What are you doing?"
"I'm making the dragons", Tân answered getting more and more annoyed, they were on a serious business here and he wanted to finish before the end of the day. "I'm going to pie", he said standing up to go to the bathroom. There were few dragon-like statues in front of where he was sitting.
"Those are really bad", Yobi said jumping on them as soon as Tân was out of sight.
"Hey stop that", Tito said standing up and pushing him away, "Tân worked a lot on those." 
He tried to save the dragons but they were irremediably broken. Tân was going to be furious.
"Come on, you knew they were bad, with your water power, you can do a lot better than that, you don't need them", Yobi said pointing at Danny still molding the wet sand.
Tito walked back and back down quietly looking at Danny, he didn't want to listen to Yobi anymore.
Danny looked at Yobi annoyed too.
"Why did you say that our castle was bad before anyway?" he asked.
Yobi came close to his ear and muttered something.
"Hey", Danny said opening big eyes. He let the pieces of sand fall on the tower making it collapse.
"Be careful what you are doing, you broke the tower", Tito said.
"It's not my fault, it wouldn't have broken if you had put enough water into it, now the sand is leaking everywhere and I always have to clean after you", Danny answered.
"Oh really, if you are not happy with the way I water thing maybe you should build the castle alone and use a bucket for the water. Do you know how liquid water is? It is leaking even more easily than sand", Tito said getting up. He was clenching his fists and water had started to gather all around him. Danny stood clenching his fists too. 
"I don't want to play with you anymore, you are always complaining when I do all the work, you should go use a shovel if you are not happy, we will see how good you are at dealing with the sand when you put it everywhere" Danny said, the sand starting to fly up around him.
They looked at each other tensed, ready to get the sand and water on the other's face. Yobi was smirking and walked back to the house jumping from one feet to the other. He crossed Tân on the way back.
"I'm so sorry, I tried to stop them but they destroyed your dragons, they said they looked really ridiculous near their castle", he said.
"What?" Tân said rushing to see his brothers.
They were caught in a sand and water storm, the castle partially destroyed lying at their feet. 

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  1. Congratulations on your A to Z finish. Tough doing a piece of a story every day isn't it? Whew!

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