Sunday, April 28, 2013


Yobi looked right and left before walking furtively out of the bushes. His stomach growled with hunger, there were still lights in the kitchen but he need to go catch one of those chickens. He licked his lips just thinking about it. He lowered his body as much as he could on the ground and ran to the grillage, his nine orange tails floating behind him. He looked right and left again. There was no farmer to be seen. The chicken were sleeping in the chicken house already, they wouldn't make a mess this time. He started to dig near the grillage. He needed to get under it. It was really deep in the ground. The humans were so annoying, alway keeping the chickens for themselves. 

He finally managed to pass on the other side. He took his human form, changing slowly into a little boy, only his nine tails and fox ears remaining on the top of his head. He then made his body become invisible. He wanted to laugh at his own trick but he knew that it wouldn't miss to attract the farmer's attention. He could hear him talk with his wife in the kitchen. The nine tailed flown near the door of the chicken house. Yobi reappeared partially and knelled trying to pull the door up. It was heavy. He tried a little more making the house shake, he could hear the chickens inside starting to awake. He looked right and left, he was still alone but he didn't know for how long. He noticed that something was holding the door shut. There wasn't really enough light to see what it was so he moved his fingers around it and turned it slowly. "Click, click" he heard the door say. Once again he looked right and left to make sure that he was alone and smile, licking his lips again. Soon the chickens would be his. He pulled the door open, it wasn't so heavy anymore. The inside of the house was dark. He stayed at the entrance a little, time to turn himself back into a fox, that way his eyes could see in the dark. As he moved forward, the door slammed on one of his tails making him yell in pain. He tried to pull but he couldn't. The chickens were flying all around and jumping on him and trying to escape in disorder. Yobi changed himself back into a little boy. From the inside it was difficult to open the door. Yobi pulled on his tail a bit more and managed to get it out. He was blowing on it and stroking it with tears in his eyes when the farmer pulled the door open. Yobi tried to hide at the back of the chicken house but it wasn't so deep and the chickens were making such a mess that he fell backward. He tried to become invisible again but the farmer grabbed him by the leg and pulled him out of the chicken house. He was full of straw and already smelling like the chicken picking at him. 

"What are you doing here?" , the farmer said.
Yobi tried very hard to make his ears and tails disappeared, even though he could easily transform, those were requiring more efforts. He was looking like a human. The farmer seemed to be nicer than if he had been a fox, he was smiling at him. Yobi sneezed making his ears reappeared. 
"What is that?" the farmer said letting go of him in his surprise.
Yobi turned into a fox and started to run to the grillage. The farmer ran after him with his carbine. He couldn't find his way out anymore and run along the grillage for a while. The farmer aimed at him as he was starting to get through the grillage again. He changed into a little boy. The farmer let go and walked toward him slowly. One of his tail caught itself in the grillage.
"Martine, Martine!" the farmer called. "I must be becoming crazy."
His wife came out of the kitchen.
"What is this Joshua? A boy", she said.
Joshua pulled on the tail and got Yobi back to his side of the grillage. His back was bleeding due to the iron and the chickens. Yobi tried to free himself but the farmer hold him tight. He had strong and large hands.
"It's a fox disguised as a boy or a boy disguised as a fox", the farmer said. "I'm not too sure my poor Martin."
"Don't stay here like that, bring him in so we can have a look at it", Martine said.
Yobi was dragged to the human house. He tried to behave as a boy, he hadn't done it for a very long time. He couldn't really count but he remembered that his tails had been frozen hundreds of time since. He didn't like the humans much, they were always doing things they didn't really want to do just to be "good" and they were always cooking the chickens making them taste funny. When they reached the kitchen, Joshua let him on the floor. He took his hurt tails in his hands with a disdainful look and started to look around. 
"This is a very curious thing Martine, I have never seen such before", Joshua said.
Martine was looking at the little boy walking around naked in the kitchen.
"I'll see if I can find him a pyjama, it will also need a bath", she said.
Yobi didn't like the sound of it, water wasn't really his friend. He smirked, he was going to teach those humans what it meant to capture him.
Yobi is a secondary character of Demon Soul and Attic Mirror


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  1. You have such creative characters, Linda. :) I hope Yobi gets out of this!