Friday, April 26, 2013

Watchers, Nephilim and Hunters

      Hello, today I don't have a character with a name starting with W so I will be talking about demons and more specifically about the difference made in my novels between Watchers and Nephilim. (This is how facts are presented in my Worlds and they differ from other literature and from the bible.)

      Once upon a time there were no demons everything was nice in Heaven, there were only angels. But over time angels got bored and two main rebellions arise, leading to the angels losing their glorious white wings and and being banished from Heaven. 

     The first rebellion was lead by Satan and the angels under his commands were send down to hell and became what I call the Watchers. The Watchers mainly rebelled because they wanted a broader access to knowledge. Therefore when they started their new civilization they started to watch and observe the different Worlds. But like every civilization, after centuries of watching, the Watchers forgot their purpose, became lazy and their World started to go into degradation. To fight against the abused of powers and lost of knowledge in their World, a small group of people called the Hunters started to gather and monopolize all knowledge. They were the teacher at school, the people running the nations and taking care of laws. But the more the organization grew, the more they tended to keep the knowledge for themselves to serve their own purposes. One of those purposes being the control of the prophecies about the rebirth of the ancient gods, leading to the problem we have in Demon and Fairy. The prophecies states that when the darkest time comes the gods are to be reborn to set things right and to recover their power over the Worlds. The Hunters purpose being to create an army to eliminate as many of the gods as possible, or to make them works against each other. (see Demon World).

      The second rebellion was lead by Azazel. As the angels from the first rebellion were banned from Heaven, a group of God's leading defenders during the war, the most trusted of all angels were sent to Earth to be able to observe any new moves from the Watchers. It is not to say how much the Watchers hated those angels, not only they didn't rebel but they had put an end to what they thought was a rightful and justified rebellion. However some of those angels fell in love with humans. This love was highly forbidden. So when they were told to stop, they rebelled against God too and lost the fight, their glorious white wings and were banned from Heaven. Other angels had been jealous of them for being God's favorites, and now that they were fallen they were hated by not only by their old enemy the Watchers who thought themselves superior because they considered loving a human isn't worthy of rebellion, but also by the rightful angels. The Nephilim, considered traitors by both camp, organized themselves in small communities always on the run and hiding from the Watchers. The Nephilim being descendant of angels and humans went through genetic changes. They have the same powers the Watchers do over the four elements and over Aether which is a healing power that doesn't involve taking the pain of others for yourself but releasing it into the Aether, the web of all thing, ancestor of vacuum. But they also have a power of shape shifting in a particular shape related to their strongest elemental power.

One of the funny thing is that Azazel (he got his name from the first one) is always thinking that he is smarter than Seti even though Azazel is a Nephilim and Seti is a Watcher. Azazel also doesn't like the fact that Seti and Sahel are dating no-demon girls which is a very Watcher thought. But seeing his past, it's really coherent.

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  1. Very good world building. I like the way the watchers evolved into something other than the way they started. Knowledge is power, they say.