Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today's A-to-Z Challenge letter is U and once again I don't have a character with a name starting in U. So I decided to let my characters think about Utopia. Let's see what in their views would be the best place to live in?

Viorel was sitting on a chair at the kitchen table the newspaper spread in front of him. Since Daciana was able to go out, the news had drastically changed. People had been reported being seduced by a young woman who would then attack them. A lot of young men had finished at the hospital, some with very sever anemia, others less lucky with incredible injuries.
"You need to be careful", he said.
Everyone looked at him wondering who he was speaking too.
"I am" Grenadine answered trying not to drop her bowl of hot chocolate.
"Not you! Dylan", Viorel said.
"I haven't done anything... yet", the vampire answered.
"You are responsible for Daciana's behaviour", Viorel said.
"I don't think so, she is a big girl. I wish the world went back to normal, where I could go wherever I wanted and bite whoever I wanted", Dylan said. "Can't we go back to that carefree time when human still hated and feared us? Now they are just lame. I want a world where humans know we are the masters."
Brownie laughed.
"The masters? I want a world were people don't judge you just because you look different and where I don't need to fear vampires and demons who wants to kill and torture you", she said. "What happened anyway?"
She pulled the newspaper away from Viorel.
"You did all that last night", Grenadine asked looking above her sister's shoulder.
Dylan smirked.
"Yes I did", Daciana answered. "Impressed?"
"Not really", Grenadine answered looking at her, "I just wish for a world where girls wouldn't have to compete with each other for guys."
"That doesn't concern me", Daciana said.
"Yes it does, you walk around catching them and turning them into weakling and look! All they ask for is to meet you again." Grenadine said pointing at an article.
"They are fools, you should hope for a world where men would be a little smarter", Daciana said. "I do. Everyday."
"Hey, that's discrimination", Ethan yelled from the other side of the table.
"Really? And what do you want?" Daciana asked.
"I want a world where people would stop believing in stupid things that leads nowhere and start learning science." He said.
"Really?" Daciana answered.
"Really", Ethan said defying.
"And who was trying to use Gideon's magic wand few days ago?" Brownie added.
"I was studying it", Ethan answered.
"Magick is a believe, it just happens if you believe in it", she said.
"No! there has to be a scientific explanation to it", Ethan answered.
"Science is also a believe", Viorel said getting the news paper out of the girls' hands.
"Really funny", Ethan answered.
"Let me make everybody agree", Grenadine said. Everybody looked at her.
"I wish the world were monochrome and that everything were orange, orange in a hot color so everybody would be warm and happy all the time and there wouldn't be discrimination because everything would be uniformly orange and..."
"Hell no!" Ethan said.
"Everything but that!", Dylan answered.
"Seriously! You gotta be kinding me", Brownie said.
Daciana turn around Grenadine,
"Guys don't come to you because you never wear sexy colors", she said.
Viorel looked at Grenadine and smirked. She was smiling as if she had just done an unpunished mischief. She was smarter than he had ever imagined.


  1. I have always adored "Grenadine" as a name. Superb choice.

  2. Utopia envelopes a lot of things. Its a great word!
    KaTy Did at: Life's Ride As I See It

  3. Hi, Linda,
    I see we all have our own idea of what Utopia should be.

    J.L. Campbell writes Jamaican Kid Lit