Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Taika yawned and fumbled on her night table to get her magic wand. She shook it and the time appeared in blue numbers on the ceiling. She still had four hours to sleep. She shook off the numbers and turned around in her bed. She had been having strange dreams again about a boy, always the same. She placed the wand to her mouth like a microphone and started to speak. 

"He is really good at magic, no forget that, what was the dream about?" She posed and saw the face of the boy in front of her eyes again. 
"His name is... his name is... I forgot it again. I try to remember but I always forgot that. So we were at school and when we entered the room he was already there, sitting at the ghost table. Why would anyone sit at the ghost table, that's kind of rude but the ghost didn't seem to mind he was just flying around saying that he could finally graduate. Whatever that means. I didn't know ghosts could graduate, leave alone in the middle of the year. And the ghost said thank you to the boy and left. Really! I still wonder how that happened but as it is a dream it might be normal. Oh yeah and he had a particularly shining light blue Ora, I had never seen one like that before. I wonder why he is always in my dream, I never met him, the school has been increasingly boring lately, all the boys there seems to think about is how to make the bigger mess possible in botanic class, just because we have a replacement teacher." she sighed. "But that's not part of the dream. I better go back to sleep anyway, I'm forgetting it again."

She blew on her wand to extinguish it and put it back on the table. She heard some noises coming from under the bed. She might have waken her slippers up. They too seemed to have trouble to sleep. She yawned and turned on the other side, she didn't want to take them for a walk just now, it was too early. The slippers came out and started jumping. 
"It's three am, go back to bed", Taika said softly.
The slippers disappeared. It seemed that they were talking to each other but Taika was too tired to eave drop on the conversation. She was thinking about the boy. She wanted to meet him. She had been looking at the past yearbooks of the school during her free time without success, there was no one like him. Maybe she should resolve to tell her brother about it, he would love to resolve the mystery. She turned around again trying to concentrate on his face. It was starting to fade slowly as she fell asleep again.

Taika is a character of Demon Soul


  1. This was excellently written and such a pleasure to read.

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  3. Hello Natalia and Yvonne,

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  4. Dreams are like that aren't they? I love the fact that her magic slippers wanted to go for a walk.:)

  5. At least her slippers are ok with being worn, not like her brother's haha, I have to write my new novel in that magick house soon. :)

  6. I couldn’t be more agree with you Yvonne!!

    Thanks to you dear for delighting us with your writings!