Sunday, April 21, 2013


Sahel was sitting in the middle of the room. There was nothing there, the teacher had prepared it just for him. The walls and the ceiling were completely white, the floor was also white but there were really thin read lines shaping a grid on it. Sahel was supposed to create a map in his mind. The map of his body as he transformed to define better his own perceptions. Being the phoenix was easy for him, when he transformed he was just becoming something else. At first he had thought it was normal. He was a demon and he was used to be different from everyone else around him so being a shape shifter wasn't something that he was prepared for but it wasn't as well something that he would be afraid of. He could always turn back to himself when he needed it. 

But the teacher had made him see things differently. If he wasn't himself anymore when he turned into the phoenix, there was no way for him to decide what he was doing with his powers. He had tried to explain that it wasn't really like that, that he was changing slowly and his purpose melted with the purposes of the bird but the teacher had repeated it again and again: What if the purpose of the bird happened to be different? Sahel knew that the bird wouldn't do anything he didn't want him to do, the bird was still him but in the end he had started to doubt himself and that's how he finally ended up spending most of his time in an empty room. 

He didn't close his eyes, he wanted to, he found it easier to concentrate but the teacher had said that when he was to change again, he wouldn't have closed eyes and it was true. Instead he was fixing an imaginary point somewhere near the middle of the room. He started to feel like a stone, his body became heavy and it was harder and harder not to close his eyes. He visualized his body floating in mid-air where the imaginary point was, it was strangely lying there without moving. He concentrated on his hand, that was always where the fire was going out, always where the transformation started. He tried to hold the fire as much as he could in the hands of his vision but the fire suddenly came out. 
Sahel felt backward looking at his hand. The fire was leaking out from them. He heard three knocks on the door and the teacher entered. 
"I failed again", he said.
"I never said it was going to be easy", the teacher answered, "What went wrong this time?"
"Always the same, when the fire comes strong, I always think about Yue", Sahel answered. 
"That's enough for today", the teacher answered.
"I want to try one more time", Sahel answered.
The teacher laugh, his student always lost tracks of time when he entered this room.
"Just go home for now", he said placing an apple on the ground in the middle of the room.
"What is that for?" Sahel asked. 
"You are not the only one using his room", the teacher said.
Azazel entered looking around.
"What is this place?"
"Hell", Sahel answered standing up to leave.

Sahel is a character of Demon Soul, Attic Mirror, Demon and fairy and Demon World.

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