Saturday, April 20, 2013


"Stop walking so fast", Ethan said looking passably annoyed. 
He was carrying a large carton box and had trouble seeing what was in front of him. 
"I'm not walking fast, you're the one being slow and we are going to be late", Raphael said walking even faster.
"We have more than one hour before the start and it will takes only five minutes to prepare", Ethan said taking a deep breath.
As much as he liked his brother and enjoyed working with him Raphael's constant nervousness and hurriedness tended to be contagious and to make him feel nervous as well.
"You don't know that, what is something happened?" Raphael asked.  

The event was not really that important, all they had to do was to carry the boxes, and those were the last, to the stadium, other people were already preparing everything there. What Ethan said was going to take them five minutes to do was to test if all the lamps were set up correctly and enlightening the right spots, so they just had to turn them on and say it was alright and go sit with everyone else. 
"Nothing ever happens", Ethan said, "But why don't you go on ahead, I want to buy myself a drink anyway."
He stopped in front of the store waiting for his brother's answer.
Raphael was comically dancing from one feet to the other, he seemed tugged between wanting a drink too or finishing what he was doing.
"Come on, do you want a drink or not?" Ethan asked looking at him, he wondered how anyone could survive with that level of stress for only little matter such as getting a drink.
"I'll come back to get one later, we need to bring those boxes quickly", Raphael answered started to walk away.
"As you wish", Ethan said. He pushed the door of the convenience store.
Raphael turned around noticing that Ethan was not following him. He was so nervous, he wanted everything to be perfect today. He didn't really know why but it had to be. He started to walk as fast as he could with his boxes leaving Ethan behind. He couldn't understand how most people could be so careless and never put a silly little effort for everything to be done properly. He was feeling so stressed by other people's behavior.
When he arrived at the stadium, nobody was there yet. He left his box on the side and walked around looking for everyone. He started to fix things other people were responsible for by himself bitting his nails. It was incredible how careless they could be. He had to do everything if he wanted it to be perfect. It needed to be perfect, if it wasn't perfect it was wrong, and wrong was bad, he couldn't let that happen, he couldn't...

Raphael woke up in sweat realizing that he had been biting his nails in his sleep. He looked at the alarm o'clock, it marked three in the morning. He took the glass of water on the bedside table and drunk a little. His heart was beating fast in his chest. He regretted to have accepted to participate to the event the next day, he couldn't rely on those people. He took the notebook his mother had prepared for him. She had written little stories and added quotes from her reading to help him calm down. He read a little before going back to sleep.

Raphael is a character of Demon Soul

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