Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Odeon was walking in the snow. He liked the sound of it under his feet. He was trying to walk in his father's tracks but his father was taking so huge steps that it was difficult for him. He was half jumping already and walking on the edge, also trying not to lose his balance.
His father stopped in a glare.
"What will I learn today?" Odeon asked
"Prophecy", his father answered.
That was new, they had been hunting and fighting and capturing animals since last summer.
"Why?" Odeon asked.
"Because you are supposed to know that too", his father said.
"You mean the other one in me", Odeon answered.
"I'm not sure how is really works, I only know that because you are who you are, they will be coming after you and your brother. Some say that it's better if you don't know anything but I believe that if you know exactly who you are you will be able to use it against them", his father answered.
"I'm scared", Odeon answered.
"There is nothing to be afraid of, this is just training", his father said smiling.
Odeon didn't answer what he really wanted was to be done with it but looking at the future didn't sound like fun anymore. What if he was to see something bad happening and was unable to change it?
His dad sat in the snow and Odeon sat in front of him copying every movement.
"You need to empty you mind, to think about nothing at all", his dad said. "It is called meditation, then when your mind is empty, the future and the past will come to you, all at the same time, and you will know something deeply inside of you. That's all. Now close your eyes."
Odeon did as he was told, he closed his eyes but he started to think about things about as many things as he could. He didn't want to know the future, he didn't want to see them coming for him as his father had said they would so he refused to empty his mind. He was getting cold, the snow had started to fall again and his wings felt frozen in his back. He wasn't allowed to move them to warm them up or get rid of the snow on them. He had learned to be immobile a long time ago when they had been hunting. It was easier to capture your prey if you were immobile. 
His father finally stood up and Odeon followed him. 
"What did you see?" His father asked.
Odeon looked down.
"Nothing", he answered.
He was feeling half ashamed for disobeying and half happy for managing not to see anything.
"It's alright", his father said rushing his hair. "We'll try tomorrow again."

Odeon is a character of "Demon World".

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