Sunday, April 14, 2013


Morgan was running bare feet in the forest.She needed to act fast, there was no time to lose.
She caught herself as she stumbled upon the open roots. It was her forest, she knew it better than anyone, she had been running here like that everyday for as long as she could remember but today was different, today she was escaping and they were after her. The urgency of the escape was making her nervous. She knew that fearing them would only make things worse but she couldn't help herself.

She arrived at the glare, Cameron was waiting for her, she had told him to go first that it was too dangerous that they would kill him if they found him but he didn't listen to her. She had a bad feeling in her heart. As she reached for him, as he smile at her, she heard the sound of the string clacking in the air. All happened too fast, his smile suddenly changed into a grin as the arrow pierced his chest. He felt on his knees. Morgan ran faster and grabbed him before he hit the ground.
"No, no, no", was all she could say.
She wasn't even trying to find her breath back. 
"No, no, no", she yelled. 
They were coming closer to her. Cameron was dead, gone forever, for her sin, she had nothing left to lose. She took the ring out of his finger and out of hers and threw them both in the lake nearby. 
They were still coming closer. She took a deep breathe and started to sing. Her wings were slowly becoming darker. Her blond hair turned suddenly black, her eyes lost their color. 
They stopped bemused. She kept on singing. One of they armed his bow, pulling on the cord. She could hear the breathe, she could hear the string, the awful sound which had precessed Cameron's death. The arrow flew to her, then stopped in mid air and turned around toward the bowman. It flew, faster, and hit. The bowman felt. They tried shooting at her again, but they all felt, their blood on the forest ground nourishing her power. She pushed them away, the trees grew thicker around the lake, around the glare, around the fairy tree, around her and Cameron. They were all come.
"I should have done it earlier, I'm sorry", she said holding Cameron face. 
He was smiling again in his death.
"I can't let you die", she said and she stood up carrying him. 
"I can't let you", she carried him to the lake, it was only few meters away but it seemed so far. Cameron was so heavy now that dead had passed through him. She let herself fall in the lake with him. They left deeper and deeper. The water was turning black around them. Cameron body was becoming lighter and lighter, she had to pull on him for him not to go back to the surface. When she hit the bottom of the lake the rings were shining in the dark water. She picked them up and found a large stone. 
"Spirit of the lake I seal this love, keep it's spirit in your water.
 Spirit of the lake I seal those ring, keep their love in your water."
The rings seemed to be entering the stone, she pulled Cameron to her and pressed his hand on the stone.
"Spirit of the lake I offer you this man, keep him alive in your water."
Cameron's body was shaken by spasms, he started to tremble, opened his eyes and tried to get some air but he only found the dark water. He was panicking. Morgan started to sing again to calm him down before they swam back to the surface. She went out of the lake alone, Cameron was still swimming near the surface looking at her.
"I'm sorry my love, this is the best I can do", she said. "I can't keep you alive in the air, you have to stay in 
the water."
She sat on the floor near him and swept.

 Morgan is a character of "Demon and fairy".

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