Thursday, April 11, 2013


Jason opened his eyes with the sunlight, he never had problem to wake up in the morning. After all, since the death of his parents he was all alone to take care of his little sister. He jumped out of bed and sat at his desk. It was only five o'clock in the morning but he wanted to finish cleaning the motor pieces before going to visit Clarissa at the hospital. He had always been blaming himself for what happened to her that day, for the death of their parents.
She wanted to play with him and his friends, but she was so small and annoying, he had told them not to give her the ball, thinking that she was going to give up eventually and go cry somewhere letting them have their fun. But Clarissa was so stubborn, she would run after every ball trying to intercept every pass, she had run, more than every one else. Until she had run too much. They had come back home already, they were not running anymore but she had started to fall, unable to breathe, unable to answer to his mum. She was so small suddenly, not so annoying anymore, more like a fragile little thing about to disappear.
At first he had thought that it was a joke, that she was making it up to make him feel sorry for not playing with her. He remembered that she had done it several times before and every time he had just laughed at her for being so weak and she had laughed saying that she was just joking. But now he realized that she hadn't been just joking. She was really in a bad shape. She should have listen to him when he had told her to stop running and to take a rest but she didn't. Of course she didn't want to be alone, girls never wanted to be alone.
Then his parents had taken her to the hospital but they never made it there, they run into an accident. A truck had burned the red light and hit their car. He remembered the phone call.
"Hello, this is hospital Johnasbury."
"Yes", Jason had answered. Were his parents on the way back already and the hospital calling to say that everything was alright with Clarissa?
"Is there an adult in the house? I have an important message." The voice had said.
"I can transmit the message when my parents come back", Jason had said.
He heard the voice breathing on the other end. It wasn't a good sign, his parents had always told him never to say on the phone that he was alone at home. He started to be a little bit scared, he didn't really know why.
"I have the regret to inform you that there has been and accident on road 53 and James and Claire Dreamen have past away." The voice said.
"...", Jason didn't answer.
"...", the person on the other side of the line seemed to be hesitating again, Jason could only hear them breath.
"They didn't suffer, it happened really fast", the voice said as if trying to comfort him.
"...", Jason was considering the options he had left, how to change that fact, how to make them live, what he could have done differently for the accident not to happen?
"I need an adult to come to the hospital, the doctor needs to talk about your little sister's heart condition", the voice said.
"I don't want you to take away Clarissa's heart", Jason said.
He didn't want anyone to walk around with Clarissa's heart when she was lying dead with his parents leaving him all alone.
"Your little sister needs medicine and care right now, nobody will take her heart, she is alive. Is there anyone I can call to talk about her future?" The voice said.
But Jason was already running out of the house. There was only one thing he knew, they wouldn't allow him to do anything, after all he was only thirteen but he knew who could do something. That's the day when he had started to go to the garage and to clean the pieces instead of going to school.

Jason is the main character of "Rainbow catcher" .

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