Monday, April 15, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo End of second week update : Demon World and Rainbow catcher

This week I managed to finish "Demon world" even though I still want to rewrite the ending which I always do about ten times for every novels and I want to add and epilogue. 
Even though, I consider the first draft finished and I won't be adding to it until I completely finish "Rainbow Catcher" as well.
All Novels Drafts 

The last part is only two pages long. I still wonder how it was possible not to finish it at the end of next week but I guess this will remain one of the mystery of the universe. "Demon World" word count adds up to 101942 words which makes it average length.
Here is the last part. I hope you'll enjoy this ending.

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I spent the rest of the week working on Rainbow catcher, it had been so hard for me to write on it after finishing JulNoWriMo and being unable to finish the story during AugNoWriMo. I struggled a lot through the first day, then I took a day off which is not really a good idea but I was really tired of the struggles. On the third day I didn't want to write so much but I was afraid that I was going to stop and not finish it again so I did some word wars with a friend which helped me not only to get through the day with the expected word count increase but also helped me to get far enough in the story to be able to actually get the drive. I haven't missed a day since (except last Friday when I was away from any writing tools.)
I used the first ever Camp NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon over Sunday night (from 2am to 10am Japanese time) actually I went to bed at 5am. To take a considerable advance, that is catching up with the words missing from the day off and Friday. And now I'm back on track with confidence that I can finish this story and give it the proper development and ending it deserve.
Here is the second part including what was written about 1.5 years ago during AugNoWriMo 2011, JanNoWriMo 2012 and of course the recent development.

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