Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Brownie half opened her eyes wondering what time it was.
She tried to find the alarm o'clock groping, her eyelid feeling heavy with sleep. She didn't want to wake up just yet, it was way too early even though the sun was already shining through her curtains.
She looked at the o'clock before putting it back on the bedside table with a sigh. 10.30am. How could she have slept so much without even noticing it? She pulled the blanket back on her face to avoid the sunlight and tried to fall back asleep.

There were noises in the corridor, she could hear them now. It was hard to concentrate on sleeping any longer. She turned around trying to forget about it but her slumber seemed to be gone. She tried to remember her dream but she couldn't. It had been agreeable, that's why she wanted to go back to it but it seemed to have escaped her memory.

She finally decided to go out of bed, she pushed the blanket slightly but changed her mind and wrapped it around her body and sat on the bed. She had some time left before meeting Yue. She wondered how she would dress. He had refused to tell her where they were going.
She stood up her naked feet looking for her slippers. She stood up and walked to the window. She opened the curtains, it was early spring and the air was still cold outside. She looked around in the sky trying to find any traces of Yue but it was way too early. He was probably still sleeping. She walked to the bathroom for a shower. She didn't like to wait but it would take her some times to decide on her clothes and make up.
Why didn't he tell her where they were going? It was crazy.
"I'm not telling you, so that you don't go looking forward to it, just in case I can't make it back." he had said.
That was crazy, even if barely, he was always making it back. And she was already looking forward to it anyway. It was just making her life more difficult, as if she needed that. Dating a demon, she should have been prepared for it but she was still somehow expecting him to stop going to the demon world and to stay over here with her. It was too dangerous.
"I have a job, and I need to gain more powers if I want to survive and sustain my family." He had said.
She had argued that he wouldn't need powers in the human world and that she could sustain for herself. But there was no way to change his mind.
"I'm the man here, I need to be responsible", he had said.
She could sigh all she wanted, fighting in the demon world was more than a job for Yue, it was his way of life, the one he had chosen, it was fun. She knew that being with her he was probably feeling like a wolf in a sheepfold without being able to kill or torture anyone around. He had to be a nice demon, no fighting, no dealing with death. It was probably killing him, that's why he needed to escape so often and was coming back bruised and bleeding. But it was his choice and to be with him she would bear with it. 

Last night he was on a new job, something he had been waiting for quite a long time. He had talked about celebrating with her once it was done. She didn't know what it was exactly. At first she had been questioning him about his jobs but he would never answered. 
"It's not stories for little girls", he had simply said. 
And she had soon given up. All she knew was that he wasn't doing anything recommendable. Horns had been growing on his head. Demons' horns were growing every time they were doing bad things so when you were to meet a demon you knew exactly what kind of person he was depending on the size of his horn. It was a good things to know but seeing horns growing on Yue so rapidly was still scary. 
What if he was to bring his darkness around her. People had been talking about it over and over again. 
"Aren't you scared?" they were saying, "He is just playing with you, he is a demon, he is bad, he'll break your heart at best, if that's all he does to you." 
But she wouldn't listen. She knew that somewhere inside, Yue was a good guy, he had never even made her cry. 

"So celebration it is", she said joyfully getting out of the shower. She walked to her closet and passed several dresses in front of her body before discarding them. She opted for a light blue dress. It wasn't really warm enough for the season but it was Yue's favorite color and she could always wear a cardigan while they were outside. She picked up the shoes to go with it and opened her make up case. Today she would use paillettes even though Yue might call her glittering choco-cookie again. He liked to make jokes about her name, then she would get mad at him and he would try his best to be forgiven. It was almost a daily routine now. 

She was ready waiting in front of the window when the door bell rang downstairs. 
"Brownie! It's Yue" she heard a voice say.
It took her sometimes to realize that they were calling her. 
Yue would never use the door, it was too troublesome for him to have to face her siblings questioning looks. He was always coming through the window at the most unexpected moment.
Instinctively she knew something was wrong. She ran down the stairs. Yue was standing in the middle of the entrance, some people had gathered in the corners, looking at him. Normally he would have been dancing from one foot to another and rushing for her to get out of there. But he wasn't.
"Hi" he said, "Apparently I was supposed to come here but I'm not quite sure why. Is there any other demon in the house?"
Brownie walked to him trembling inside, his voice had changed, it was empty. When she looked in his eyes, they were empty too. 

Brownie is a main character of Demon Soul and "Demon World" and appears as secondary character in Attic Mirror and "Demon and fairy"



  1. Just so you know this comment took forever to load.
    But I really miss your writing. I am so glad you are doing this :) Now I get to read your stuff again!!

  2. Thanks Ally.
    I'm enjoying your Costa Rica posts too, even though I'm a bit jealous. I want to play with sloths too !!

    There will be character writing all month and NaNo updates on Mondays.
    And I'm thinking about a new project for May but nothing well defined yet.

  3. Wow! I think I need to read these books. This is beautiful and had me wanting more!

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge Co-host

  4. Thank you so much Konstanz, I hope you'll keep enjoying my writing.