Monday, April 1, 2013


Azazel was running as fast as he could in the forest trying not to fall on the prominent tree roots. 
"This time she will never find me" he thought stopping in front of a very large tree with a lot of low branches so that he could climb easily. 
Every time before he had run as far as he could so that he couldn't hear his sister count anymore, then when she was finished, he didn't have any time left to hide. Now, he had learned. He was still close to her, he could hear her voice and the numbers, fifty-one, fifty-two. He just needed to get in this tree and to hide, as high as possible. He wanted to fly there but he knew that she would hear his wings flipping in the wind so the only solution was to climb, sixty-three, sixty-four, he was almost there. He needed a comfortable position, not to have to move. He was hidden in the leafs, she couldn't see him from the ground, if she couldn't hear him, it was done, he would be hidden forever.

The voice of his sister suddenly stopped. Azazel waited and waited but he never heard her say that she was coming, he listen more carefully wondering if he had missed it. It seemed impossible, he had never missed it before, his sisters would always yell as loudly as they could  because they knew he was always running too far away to hear them. They would always repeat themselves several times, just to give him a chance. 
Azazel sat on his branch feeling that something was not quite right.

He waited in his tree for a very long time. Soon the night was there. He thought that he would be happy not to be found but he wasn't. They should have been looking for him and calling him for diner now. He pushed the branches in front of him to look at the ground. There was nobody to be seen. He flew down slowly. He didn't care about making noises anymore. He could reuse this hiding place later, maybe, but for the moment he was just worried.

He flew back to the house, not straight, he was hiding behind the trees as much as he could. That's what his dad had said they must do if they didn't feel too safe. His dad was teaching them to hide, that's why they had been playing hide-and-seek everyday now. It was silent, too silent to be real. He smelled the blood. He had seen a lot of blood before, the night they had first come here, he remembered the smell too well. He landed on the ground lightly, trying not to make the branch crack.

"Azazel run away!" He heard his father said.
His father would always hear him approach, always. He turned around ready to take off and go back to his hiding place but he heard his mum yell.
"You better come here if you want to see your family again" he heard an unknown voice say.
He hesitated, just a little but that was enough. They were out of the house holding his sisters and his mother. They were wearing the same black robes with this bleeding cross on the front, they were the same who had come the day they had escaped. The one his father had called "The Watchers". He wondered where his father was. His father was strong, he could have taken those guys on easily. He wondered where his father was before realizing that the blood on those demons where not theirs. It was the reason why his mum had yelled.
"Run away Azazel, and never come back", she said weakly.
He was already feeling the anger feeling him.
"If you come over we will let them go", one of the demon said stroking the cheek of his older sister. He could read the disgust on her face at the touch.
"Run Az, run!" she said.
The demon leaked her neck.
"You have such a nice sister. Don't you want to protect her?" he was smirking.
Azazel already knew that there was no way they would let them run away. If they were freed, they would attack. He didn't know how they had come to be captured, it just seemed unreal. He took a step toward them, slowly, trying to see where the danger would come from but it was impossible. If he was to attack one of the demons, the other would kill his family, it was desperate. They would die if he ran, they would die if he stayed but he couldn't let them like this.
The first demon jumped forward to get him. It was big, it was easy to avoid his arms, Azazel had always been small for his age. He threw a fire ball at him while moving forward but missed. The other demons laughed. They were going to play the mouse and cat game with him. Letting him get tired before catching him for real. He was not strong enough to fight them. He wished he could make a big earthquake like his father had done the night they had escaped but he couldn't. He was weak. They continued to play with him, they were enjoying themselves and he was becoming more and more desperate. He couldn't see the way out.

They finally caught him.
"So you think he is the one", one of them said.
"There is no doubt about it", another one answered.
"Show us your power of Chaos", the one with the larger horns said holding him by the chin above the ground.
"Azazel", he heard his mother said.
The demon smirked.
"Let's begin!"

They started with her. They hold him tight so that he couldn't move and forced him to watch as they cut into her skin, deeply. Soon her entire body was blood only.
"Show us your power kid, show us the Chaos", they repeated every time they added more suffering to her body.
His sisters were yelling for them to stop. Azazel was yelling at them that he didn't have that power, that he didn't know that power and they would only laugh. When they were finished removing her skin, they attached her to the lower branch of a tree by her wings, piercing two large holes in them for the heavy chains. She had already lost consciousness. She wasn't debating herself anymore, so they took his older sister to inflict her the same treatment. Azazel was desperately trying the find a way to stop that nightmare but he couldn't. He was trying to find that power of Chaos inside of himself but it wasn't there.
When they were done late the following morning, the demon with the largest horns turned to him again. He was holding a piece of metal turned red by the fire. He pulled on Azazel's sleeve and applied it on. Azazel thought it was his turn, that he was going to die too, the sensation of burning and the smell of his own burning skin suddenly overcame the smell of blood. He closed his eyes ready to finally die. He felt his arm changing into a wood piece for the first time.
"Take him away! And make sure the others are dead!", the demon said.
He didn't turn around for a last look at his family, he didn't have too, the horrible image of their skinless body was engraved forever in his memory. He wondered if he would ever remember anything else from them.

Azazel is a character from "Demon and fairy" and "Demon World".


  1. Wow! That's an engrossing way to begin (also sad). I wasn't expecting it! I'll be reading...

  2. Thank you very much Ruby. I hope you'll enjoy my other characters as much as you did this time.