Saturday, March 16, 2013

End of 6 Week Challenge, Start of Read More Or Die

Yesterday was the 15th of March. For me, it's the end of the 6 Week Challenge and the start of Read More Or Die round 1.5.
The 6 Week Challenge is a contest for learning a foreign language. Basically you record everything you do in that language, reading, writing, grammar, watching drama, listening to music, anything. Here explanation on how to register is provided on the 6 Week Challenge page. This round of the challenge started on first of February. I started a little bit late but I finished third. with almost 195 hours of learning Japanese. I can feel the progresses due to intensive learning. The next round starts on first of May, please join me, you can decide to learn any foreign language.

Yesterday was also the start of Read More Or Die round 1.5.
I already participated to the first round in January. This round is a bit smaller as it holds only for 15 day, from the 15th or March  to the 1st of April.
So far I haven't scored anything, because I decided to register for Japanese only. Last time I had registered for English and German as well. Join me and improve your reading in your target language

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