Thursday, May 31, 2012

Korea, ferry to 제주 island

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The next morning I got up really early to go to the ferry passenger terminal to take the ferry to 제주 island. The boat sailed between several island on the way to 제주. I had a room so I could get a bit of sleep before arriving on the island. The trip takes about four hours and a half. It was sunny when I had left mainland Korea but when I arrived in 제주 it was raining a lot. I went directly to the guest house and stayed there instead of doing the outdoor activities planed for that afternoon. The guest house is located on the East site of the island so it's very easy to access two of the three UNESCO World Heritage sites present there.
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  1. It must be interesting to took a ferry to Jeju. Remind me one of my journey from Taipei to Matsu islets
    back in 2008. It took me a whole night to get there. I was travelling alone,too.