Monday, January 2, 2012

ゴンゾウ / 伝説の刑事

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ゴンゾウ / 伝説の刑事 is a Japanese drama in 10 episodes from 2008.

Traumatized by a weird homicide case which happened three years ago and still gives him nightmare, one of the best investigator of the Tokyo Police forces is now Chief of the equipement section and named ゴンゾウ. He basically does nothing all day and him who was once a heavy smoker just eat candies. But as a violinist ask him to find her violin which was stolen in the train, the past catch up with him and he is once again plunged into the old unresolved murder case.
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Casting : 

内野聖陽 as  ゴンゾウ
筒井道隆 as Seiichi Sakuma
本仮屋ユイカ as Endou
大塚寧々as Dr. Risa Matsuo
高橋一生 as Yuuji Hibino
内田朝陽 as Otobe Isao

I like how this drama starts really funny and then turns totally psychotic. This is one of the quality of the Japanese drama I have seen so far. I also like the recurrent questions without answers until the end.

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