Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ボス (boss) season 2

En français
ボス (season 2) is a Japanese drama in 11 episodes from 2011. See first season's post here. After the shooting in the end of the first season, the special team of Osawa Eriko is dismissed and she goes back for two years in the US. The second season starts when she is called back again and the team recreated two years later. The goal is to solves special mysteries but also to catch up with the past.
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Casting :

天海祐希 as Osawa Eriko
竹野内豊 as Nodate Shinjiro
玉山鉄二 as Katagiri Takuma
戸田恵梨香 as Kimoto Mami
溝端淳平 as Hanagata Ippei
吉瀬美智子 as Narahashi Reiko
ケンドーコバヤシ as Iwai Zenji
温水洋一 as Yamamura Keisuke
塩見三省 as Onoda Tadashi

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