Thursday, October 20, 2011

ガリレオΦ (Galileo episode zero)

En français

ガリレオΦ is based 3 years before ガリレオthe serie. In this episode, we discover Yukawa's two first cases. The one he helped to solve when he was still a student at university and his friend Shunpei was accused of a murder and the first case Shunpei asked him help with after becoming a policeman.

The first case just show how brilliant Yukawa's mind was and how he liked to solve problems even though the solution has nothing to do with the case. The second case is a real mystery as a man was found assassinated in his house closed from the inside after an fire.

Casting : 

福山 雅治 as Manabu Yukawa
北村 一輝 as Shunpei Kusanagi 
品川祐  as Shiro Yuge (Shunpei's assistant)
渡辺いっけい as Hiromi Kuribayashi (Yukawa's assistant)
真矢みき as Sakurako Jonouchi (Medical examiner)

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