Sunday, March 6, 2011

1リットルの涙 (one liter of tears)

En français

1リットルの涙 is a Japanese drama from 2005 in 11 episodes. It is based on the diaries of Aya Kito who was diagnosed with a spinocerebellar degeneration decease at age fifteen and fight against the decease until her death at 25 years old.

Aya Ikeuchi is a brilliant student and play basketball for her high school team. One the day of her exam she meets Haruto Asō who helps her to get to school. They end up being in the same class but Aya starts to have problems with dropping things and falling down regularly alarming her mother. After a visit to the hospital, Aya is diagnosed with spinocerebellar decease. The nerves in her body are paralyzing one after the other making her loose control. Soon she has to quit stop the activity she is used to as walking, writing and even talking becomes more and more difficult. As everybody turn slowly away from her due to her condition, Asō stay by her side despite his father disapproval.

This drama really wear its tittle perfectly because it really made me cry.  This decease is really terrible because it takes everything away really slowly and the patient has time to see it coming. Even 23 years after Aya's death, there are still no cure for this decease.

Casting :
澤尻繪裏香 as Aya Ikeuchi
錦戸亮 as Haruto Aso
成海璃子 as Aya's sister
>薬師丸 as Aya's mother

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