Tuesday, December 7, 2010

神話 (the myth)

En français
神話 is Hong Kong action movie from 2005 staring Jacky Chan and directed by Stanley Tong.

Jack, an archaeologist has been having recurrent dreams for three months in a row. His friend comes to see him to ask him to help in his project of discovering the mystery of levitation in the kingdom of Darsa. While in the temple, Jack discover a sword belonging to the character he is incarnating in his dreams, general Meng, and the portrait of the woman he loves, the concubine Ok-Soo. He will pursue his travel to unravel the mystery of his apparent previous life.

I like this movie because it shows that two people who are supposed to be separated by everything, family, place in the society, time can still love each other and stay true to each other until the end. Ok-Soo will trust Meng until the end even when everything tend to prove that he is dead.

 Casting : 
Jacky Chan as Meng and Jack
梁家輝 as William
金喜善 (김희선) as Ok-Soo
मल्लिका शेरावत (Mallika Sherawat) as Indian Princess

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