Saturday, December 4, 2010

Demon and fairy final part

It has been a long time since I gave you a part of "Demon and fairy". (If you need a little bit of memory refresh about the story you can have a look at the previous part here.)
Here is the last part of the story as I finally finished the first draft few days ago. It took me 5 months.
"Demon and fairy" has probably been the story I had the more troubles to write for several reasons.

It's the first story in which my main character is a boy. I don't think that it is much of a problem, I really liked to be with Seti. I like the beginning when it's only him and me and all I had to do was dealing with his feeling about the unfairness of his life. But at some point it started to be difficult not to go see other characters. Kallisto is also really interesting. She is just sweet and nice and she trusts him as soon as she looks at him no matter how dangerous he could get. I think in a way she doesn't really understand how much he could hurt her, but as long as he is not doing it intentionally that's ok with her.

One other problem is the scenery. My stories so far had been confined into mostly one or two places -the house and the cave in "Demon Soul" and the attic and Teneria in Attic Mirror- my characters didn't really need to move too much. In "Demon and fairy" however there is this research of love that is going to take Seti in the "Fairy World" far from everything he knows. I needed to make a real contrast between the "Demon World" and the "Fairy World" and this also gave me some trouble.

Another difficult part was to have to deal with so many characters at the same time, especially when they are all in for different reasons, have different background and feelings and would react totally differently to the same situation. One of the character most difficult to deal with was probably Azazel. He wanted Seti's power and life without knowing about it and at some point I was really ready to give it to him, the problem is that he didn't react to it as he had expected.

"Demon and fairy" is also my longest story, with a total of 101267 words. I must say I had problem to see the end until I actually get there.

Now if you actually bothered to read all my state of mind about the story, I think you deserve to actually know the end. I hope you'll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

PS : let me know what you think about the references to "Demon Soul" all over this book. It could be considered as a second part in a way.
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