Friday, October 8, 2010

Get "Demon soul"

En français

For those of you who are used to read this blog, you already know that I have been participating  to many writing contest and that I wrote some novels. The first one being Demon Soul. For those new to this or those needing a refresh, you can find everything so far about Demon Soul here.

I have been working on getting Demon Soul ready for publication for few months now. I reviewed the final proof few days ago and my perfectionism agreed to finally let me press the button to accept to let it go on sale. It didn't go through a editor, I did all the editing work myself. And it is self publication.
You can find the book on CreateSpace for sale, here and it will soon be available on amazon as well.

As a lot of people have been asking me questions about my writing, like: Where I find my ideas? How do I create the characters? if I prefer writing on computer or on paper and so on...

I will be answering all those questions in future posts as a Demon Soul Making of, so keep them coming.

I will also answer questions about particular characters from the book. I hope that will help you understand the story, the characters and the writing process as I see it better. And also will make you want to read the book and want to read my next stories involving the same characters.

I am sure that the book contains grammar mistakes and that part of it could possibly have been written better, especially because I still think in a French way sometimes. However I really put a lot of work and effort in it and a part of my heart. I hope that you will be able to appreciate this through the reading and through the "Making of"

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