Friday, April 16, 2010

I finished RTK1

En français
So that's it. After doing it, 3 times because I stayed stuck twice around 1400 kanjis and had to start again from the beginning again. After struggling with my kanjis stories never remembering them, never having them vivid enough. After finally deciding that it was just 2042, like a drop in the ocean compare to the 50000 hanjis in the biggest Chinese dictionary I know of. After deciding that is was going to be fun and easy and that there was no way around it... (I keep on telling people that everything is easy and that drive them crazy)

Well that's it, yesterday I finished to learn my 2042 kanjis.

I feel kind of relieved in a way. That's it. I know them. I just have to let anki decide when I need to review them to be sure not to forget them ever again.
I'm also hyper excited. I never wanted to learn properly hiragana (review them) and katakana so badly.
I want to learn how to say the kanjis out loud.
I want to put hundreds of sentences in my SRS just cause I can.
And I want more kanjis. I know that's sound crazy. People are always afraid of kanjis but I think that's because they learn it a such a painful way. Me, I have fun all the way. Even when I failed at it, it was really fun anyway and I just want more, and more and more. I also really like complicated ones. I like when people look at my kanjis papers -I have plenty everywhere in my room and in my office- and tell me this one is too complicated, I don't use this one, you don't need this one. I don't care a kanji is a kanji, I'll probably meet it somewhere crazy and then I will go : "See I needed it". I'm pretty much addicted to kanji learning. It's hard to think I won't add more to my SRS tonight.

Anyway it's no time to rest. It's time to hurry and get some Japanese.


  1. It's great that you want to learn it :D Congratulations on learning the 2042 kanjis!

  2. Thanks.
    I don't really have a choice about learning it though. I'm in Japan and I can't stand being illiterate :D
    Lots of fun.