Friday, April 9, 2010

Cooking : Fava bean spaghetti

En français

The other day, I went shopping to and other shop than my usual one. It's just across the street from the usual one so not much more difficult to get there. That was incredible. That was more like a market than like a shop but still you had all the products that you can find in supermarket, plus a lot of fresh vegetable, fish, meat. Anyway, I found fava bean, something I hadn't eat for years. Probably since childhood actually. So I decided to get some and to prepare myself something with them. I also go the little funny mushroom that I tested at the restaurants sometimes.

What do you need :


Fava bean
A tomato
5 crab sticks

Preparation :

Take the skin away from the fava beans. Cut the mushroom
Put the Fava bean and mushroom in some boiling water until the beans are cooked.
Cook the spaghetti.
Cut the tomato and crab sticks in dice.
Fry the vegetable and crab stick in a pan.
Put them on the top of the spaghetti.

いただきます !


  1. It looks so goooodddd!!!
    I am going to try it on sunday!!!

  2. dewe usually cook that kind of mushroom with soup, hot pot, or noodles, pan cake(with vegis)