Friday, June 26, 2009

Amigurumi : Swedish dog

En français

When I'm not really inspired and still think I need to write a post I generally write an amigurumi one. Of course not all the time, but the advantage is that I have several amigurumi that I haven't presented yet. The pictures are ready and well I don't have to think to much for writing, especially if it's 1.36am.
So here is my Swedish dog. It doesn't have a proper name, I just call it Swedish dog because when I made it I was feeling in a Swedish mood.
That's why it is blue and yellow.
I think he is funny. Not because he really looks funny, more because of how I was feeling when I made it. It is realized without pattern as well, it just came out of my imagination at that moment.

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  1. Hi Linda!
    It has been a while.
    Your swedish dog is cute~!