Tuesday, September 9, 2008

중독 (Addicted)

En français
중독 is a Korean movie from Park Young-Hoon (2002), staring
이병헌 (Lee Byung-Hun,李炳憲)(I Come with the Rain, A Bittersweet Life, Everybody Has Secrets, The Harmonium in my memory...),
이미연 (Lee Mi-Yeon) (The Harmonium in my memory, Crazy for love).
이얼 (Lee Eol) (H, Do you like Spring Bear ?)

Dae-Jun lives with his very close brother Ho-Jun and Ho-Jun's wife.

During a car race Dae-Jun has a car crash, at the same moment his brother Ho-Jun's taxi get crash as well by a trunk.
Both end up in a coma in the hospital.
When he wakes up Dae-Jun thinks that he is Ho-Jun. After a while people start to recognize him as Ho-Jun.

This is a really beautiful and touching movie telling the story of a guy who give up his own identity for the woman he loves. That shows how desperate someone can be for love.
I really like the music as well, the acting is also very good as you can't make any difference between Dae-Jun and Ho-Jun personality when Dae-Jun is changing. He moves the same way, do really everything the same, I think that's really impressif.
I watch that movie several times to be sure to understand everything without subtitles. I really love this movie.
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