Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Korean project : Read aloud

En français
I recently discover that I have a major problem with my Korean, when I speak it feel really unnatural and I need to repeat myself to be understood.
I think that the major problem is that I'm not use to speak basically.
The little voice I have in my head sound perfect but the words that go out of my mouth sound completely different due to lack of practice.
The first thing I though about to fix that problem is to read aloud, every single thing that your reading.
Here are some reasons for and against.

Here are all the good reasons not to read aloud :
- Reading aloud is slow, because you have to pronounce everything
- Reading aloud is boring especially because it is slow but also because you will probably have to read the word several time to get it correctly.
- You don't really know the rules of reading intonation except if you have a native speaker around
- If you have a lot of words to look up in the dictionary as well the time is even more increasing.
- If someone listen to you that's gonna be embarrassing

But you will feel so much better once you start to read aloud :
- First your pronunciation's skills are going to increase
- You will pay more attention to each word and so remember them better
- You are gonna start to feel speaking more natural especially if you're practicing daily
- You don't really need to understand everything all the time each time, you can practice aloud reading just for the sack o it and read several time the same thing until you understand.
- Each word that you read will become more and more familiar so that you will say them more easily each time.

It's all about being confident and feel natural and spontaneous when you will need to communicate. That go for each language I thing, each time I speak a language I'm not really use to speak it's a bit painful because my muscle are not use to the change of movement needed, but after a while it becomes alright. No need to rush, just practice !!!

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