Monday, July 21, 2008

The Japanese project : The ants

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Lately I was really feeling like an ants about my SRS repetitions.

And here is why, and the "possible" cure to test.

After my holidays in Iceland, like a good girl I went back to do my SRS repetitions.

The problem is there is so many (without speaking of my 3500 Korean SRS entries that mysteriously disappeared ... oups, what have I done) and reviewing is never as funny as learning new staff.
I just felt that I'm never going to finish it all.
That's what I'll like to call the ants syndrome.
Why ants ? Because ants are working all the time without stopping, their work never end, no notion of pleasure or fun.
So as usual I went to look for solutions, and the best place for Japanese learning problems is AllJapaneseAllTheTime, and the most recent article was apparently just made for me.
That is happening all the time on that blog, that's amazing. I just went there a second ago and saw that Khatzumoto uploads a file with Kanji that looks absolutely perfect for my review during my trip to Germany next week.
Thank you !!!!

Anyway the big thing is : my repetitions look like I can't finish them because actually I CAN'T finish them.
In fact there will be some more tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that again, and a Huge mountain of them when I will come back from Germany, RIGHT ?!

So I decided to follow the advise and to time-box it.
That is fixing a time like for example 20 minutes.
After that, even if I'm not done with it, what the f..., I stop it watch an episode of 마이걸 and have a good laugh or what ever I want to do without culpabilities.

The "without culpabilities" is the most tricky part of it.
But in that case I don't get bored while doing the SRS repetitions so at least I do some.

I also applied the time-boxing in the lab at the same time and it's working very well.
My code is running for x minutes, I just have to wait for the results, for x minutes. But x is random so while it's running I'm getting bored.
Now I just run the code and decide to read a paper for 20 minutes no matter what. So if the code stop before it has to wait for me, that the reverse than before and so much better that way. If it hasn't stop I just go for 10 more reading minutes. If I don't finish the paper I will finish it later anyway.
So last week, not only did I the all code running I needed but I also read much more than any other week. And I felt great because I didn't get bored by doing nothing.

Now I just have to wait a bit to see if the process is going to be as good as for the kanji repetitions.

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