Sunday, June 1, 2008

Amigurumi Miko

En français
Panda in Chinese (The first character means bear, the second cat, so the panda is a bear-cat, funny isn't it)

I really like China and Chinese stuffs, not kidding I can eat with chopstick as if I were from Asia. So what is the cutest thing you can think about when someone talks about China... A panda of course. So here is my little panda. His name is Miko, that's not really a Chinese name, but I like it anyway. The patterns are from Amigurumi collection volume 4.

At the beginning he was a bit shy in front of the camera but after he was ready to play.

Unfortunately the pandas are endanger because of the disappearance for their habitat. You can help with the WWF by adopting a Panda.

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