Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cooking : Sébastien's first pizza

En français

What you need :

Tomato sauce
What you like (mushroom, tomato, cheese...)

Making the Pizza :

Put 200g of flour in a big bowl, and make a hole in the middle.
Put a bit of salt, rising powder, a bit of sugar, some water step but step mixing until you have a ball .
Had a bit of oil to make it less sticky or had some flour if needed.
Leave it alone for one hour away of light.
Spread the mix on some flour until it's thin as you like it.
Put in the oven 5 minutes to make it stronger.
Add tomato sauce and put it back in the oven 5 minutes.
Add what you like, mushroom, cheese..

Option : You can add the yellow part of the egg on the top while serving

Hum delicious !!!
Have a nice dinner !!!

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